Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Big Race

Good Morning dear friends - ooo I do love Sundays as I can put my paws up and relax.

This week has been rather busy and it all started when I spotted a Belgium Waffle with raspberries and cream...

...although it soon became apparent the waffle wasn't for me and 'er what feeds me sent me on my merry way up the garden!

Well, I thought I was having a bad day folks just missing out on a raspberry waffle but then I heard gun shot! I looked up and saw Cyril the Squirrel come hurtling over the fence and keel over. The humanbean fella who puts lots of nuts n seeds n fatty balls out for the birds must have tried to shoot  Cyril the Squirrel as he  likes to snaffle the birdie food when nobody is looking! Well, I scooped Cyril up, he wasn't shot - just stunned - I took him home to his Mrs but then realised something...

Jemmy had employed Cyril the Squirrel as Fitness Trainer for Sebby-Coo-Coo the Mafia Racing Pigeon. Lots of folk enter a Racing Pigeon in to the Annual Big Race. With the Trainer sick what could we do to keep Sebby Coo-Coo our prize racer in top form!?

Sebby Coo-Coo was naturally upset that Cyril had been stunned but Jemmy Jim Jams took some presents and promises to encourage him to WIN AT ALL COSTS...(gulp).

I was rather doubtful about the presents as Jemmy gave Sebby Coo-Coo a aerodynamic speed skaters helmet and a pair of the trendiest running trainers. I wanted to say Sebby just needs to flap his wings a lot but I couldn't question the ol rabbit boss could I!?

However the Speedy Feed Deluxe Birdie Seed did seem to put a sparkle in Sebby Coo-Coo small birdie peepers so we were hopeful!

I had to travel to the Isle of Wight to let Sebby Coo-Coo go at the Start of the race, I traveled up with The Ferret Federation Boss who also had a pigeon in the Race.

Monty 'The Bargain' Grabba Ferret is a kind of acquaintance of ours from the Poachers Pot Pub. Its true hes a charmer and gets ANYTHING to you that you could ever wish for but he sold us a dodgy Sat Nav recently.

(See my past blog to see what happened to Gizzy and I when the Sat Nav started instructing directions in Mandarin.)

Anyway, all the Racing Pigeons flapped orf fast from the Isle of Wight and when I arrived back home I found out Sebby Coo Coo had won The Big Race!

Jemmy got lots of Crinkly cabbage winnings, Sebby got his deluxe seed and I got a big gold watch off Monty 'The Bargain' Grabba. doesn't tick I found out but it looks good! I'm pleased to say Cyril the Squirrel is feeling much better so all in all the week has ended well.

Watch your whiskers out there and beware of imitations...  Bless you all and Ta Ta.

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