Monday, 29 August 2011

Cat Mahjong

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday. It's a bit nippy around the ol' paws today isn't it, fortunately though I have got a lot of warm fluff.

I was having a very pleasant and sophisticated kind of afternoon in the very good company of dear Atticus. We were sipsey sipping our tea and playing his new Cat Mahjong game that his pen-pal Ning-Po had sent to him all the way from China.

We were having a lovely quiet time and I was all relaxed.... its then when all is happy n peaceful dear friends ( I expect I've told you before ) it is a time to WATCH YOUR WHISKERS!

The door flew open and there was a clanging n crashing as Gizzy Whizzie shot in from the Music Hall up the road. She was all caught up in the cymbals which she couldn't get off her paws.

She helps out you see dear readers with the Orchestra sometimes at the weekends as she's nifty on the drum kit and a mean dinger on the triangle.

Anyway she was all puffing n flustered up...she said " Quick quick..the piano player got taken poorly during the interval and the conductor asked the audience if anyone could stand in" (her eyes wide now) "Ohh dear Tatty Mudflinger has volunteered !" (GULP).

Atticus and I exchanged pained looks and we all dashed off up the Music Hall. The trouble is dear readers Tatty Mudflinger can indeed play the piano...but there is a snag...

The ONLY song Tatty can play on piano is 'Knees Up Mother Brown' and he plays it as it should be played enthusiastically with gusto in the true Cockney style ...just when you think its over he plays it again...and again ...and again...

Well its very very difficult to get him to stop as none of us would like to hurt his feelings but thank our lucky stars as Lavinia blew him a kiss and he was so shy he ran away! The curtain was lowered and Atticus invited us all back to his house for kippers and tea.

Bless you all and keep warm in your nesting materials - Ta Ta

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