Monday, 5 September 2011

The Fun Fair

Good Evening dearest blog readers, its been such a fun day - put your paws up and I'll tell you all about it.

The Fair came to town and Gizzy loves to go on all the whizzy rides, I went on the Bumper Cars with her.

I also went on the Helta Skelta too which was lots of fun.

All this action made us feel hungry, so I got a huge pink candy floss and a big sticky toffee apple. Gizzy got a whirly lolly-pop and won a purple balloon.

Through the crowds, I suddenly spotted little Angus the marmalade kitten and he looked a bit sad. He told Gizzy and I that all the little animals had been trying to win the teddy on the Shoot the Plastic Duck game. The two snakes running the stall had lots of the little ones pocket money off them and nobody had even won a single sweetie or toy. Just then Angus spotted his dear ol' Godmother and waved at her.

Angus' Godmother is my boss Jemmy Jim Jams, the Mafia Rabbit. She had heard about the dodgy snakes and had a twinkle in her big brown bunny peepers. She patted Angus on the head and said, "Come on Sunny Boy...Lets go play Shoot the Plastic Duck".

Angus skipped after Jemmy who had a double barrel shot gun tucked under her arm.. Gizzy and I exchanged nervy looks....

There was a BANG!

Well Jemmy shot the plastic duck and blew a big hole in the stall . The snakes quickly agreed that Jemmy had won all the toys and sweets! Isn't that marvelous! Jemmy gave Angus his big teddy and took the rest of the sweets and toys to the small animal hospital to cheer everyone up.

Ahhhr, I do love happy endings!

Bless you all and good night.

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