Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hot Cross Buns!

Happy Easter dearest friends, I hope you are all very well and that the Easter Bunny has left you something sweet to nibbley nibble on. I received a catnip egg that WAS wrapped in a beautiful sparkly purple wrapper..yum yum.

Now I will tell you what we have all been up to since sun up. As you know Atticus has designed a special Easter Invention for the Bongo Drumming Bunnies - The Kit Kat Gang have been acquiring the peculiar array of parts that match his drawing specifications.

The oven has been borrowed from Boo Boo Massoue who is very excited and happy to help us.
However, the gas bottles were a little tricky to acquire but Jemmy and I went by cover of darkness into the Happy Clappy Sunshine Caravan Park where the Vicar is staying and whipped two large gas bottles and rolled them away.

Jemmy and Gizzy borrowed a tank from a few of our heroes and transported all the things up the steep hill to the Clumps Woodland, they had sourced industrial sized packs of flour, butter and mixed fruit.

Whilst we assembled Atticus' invention, The Mystical Moon Worshipping Bunnies did colourful egg rolling and played their Bongo Drums. Boo Boo Massoe arrived a little later after adjusting her daffodil Easter hat and enthusiastically accompanied the bunnies on some bright pink maracas.

AND NOW the Grand Opening of The Raining Hot Cross Bun Machine...Tah-Dah!!!!

Isn't it amazing! Atti wanted to tell you all the complicated algebraic formula's and Pythagoras involved but he was way too busy legging it about with our fishing net catching raining Hot Cross Buns. In tabby cat language I heave - hoo the mixed dried fruit and other ingredients with the spade from the rectory shed into the tumble drier. Tatty Mudflinger pedals as fast as he can to generate the power to mix it all up. The mixture is then sucked up into the tank where Gizzy Whizzie rolls n crosses the buns which are then sucked up into the gas oven. The hot cross Buns are then fired missile style up into the Um-Pa Pa Horn and zoomed high into the air for all of us to catch !

Wow - What a lark it's been!! I'm a bit puffed out!

What a super Easter and I hope you all have a very happy day!!

Although, I have heard the good news that Tatty's "chicks" have hatched ...

He He!...but as I always need to watch your whiskers out there. Taa Taa!

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