Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thank You Dr.Lee

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers - I do hope you are all very well on this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

It's been an eventful few weeks!

Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother was informed via the inter-burrow bongo drums just a whisker in time that the Mafia Laundering Business up in York was about to be raided!

The laundry business was being run by her young nephew known to us all as Soapy Suds Junior who is a small black n white bunny very much like the gaffer.

Just before the raid Soapy managed to scarper under the back hedge with his washing basket, powder n pegs. As he scampered, he was hampered by the large soap powder box which was trailing powder for the Rozzers to follow. Flinging the pegs and laundry basket in the air he ran across Hob Moor and dived breathless and frightened into a thicket beneath a holly tree.

The heat was on but fortunately for Soapy a certain kind person known as Dr. Lee was crossing Hob Moor. After careful negotiation of barb wire and holly prickles Soapy Suds Junior was securely stashed up the good doctors jersey and has been moved to a safe house!

Thank you very much indeed Dr. Lee for your kind intervention and rescue of young Soapy Suds and rest assured that you are now considered one of the family and under rabbit mafia protection!

I will be blogging again this evening so keep tuned in and see you soon! Ta Taa!

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