Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wet n Windy

Greetings dearest friends, I do hope you are all in the warmth and dry of your nesting materials - it truly is what Tatty Mudflinger would call baked bean weather!

We lost our signal on the whisker waves so yours truly and the intrepid Gizzy Whizzie scaled the roof tiles to deal with the technologicals. We had to put rescue arm-bands on Gizzy and wrap a quick save placky bag on her head to keep the rain off. Gizzy exclaimed we got water in our aerial!

The only solution was to waggle it!

We can now bring you the Idgie the Cat blog down your whisker waves.

I wrapped Gizzy up in a big fluffy towel and we had a mega big cup of tea and jammy dodger biccies to recover.

Watch your whiskers out there and keep your paws dry! Taa Taa

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