Monday, 4 April 2011

It's been one of those days..

Good Evening dear friendly folk, well as you know some days can be more tricky than others and today things kind of back fired...
Poor little Gizzy and I managed to get the engine going on 'our little project' that we got going on down at Gizzy Whizzies Garage, it was spluttering a bit then it suddenly conked out. We both peered into the exhaust to see if it was blocked and suddenly KA- POW!! It blew Gizzy off her little paws and straight into me which was a soft I'm so..fluffy.
Gizzy had to have a bath, blimey she was so sooty there were black paw prints all up the walls and all round the bath tub. Er what feed me is gonna have a fit so I better go clean it up quick!

Keep your chins up friendly followers, all will be better tomorrow!

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