Thursday, 7 April 2011

To my dear friends - Good Evening to you all!
As you know Gizzy and I are now shifting our tools and engine to dear ol' Tatty Mudflingers Barn, which is in a bit of far flung secret rural location. It use to be a very wealthy farm but many moons ago the humanbeans what owned it went and legged it and left behind poor Tatty Mudflinger to fend for himself (violins please..sniff sniff). Tatty got very low indeed and very muddy and lost all care in the world, he was so alone, the farm became derelict and he moved into the broken down barn with a few rats to talk to...(sniff sniff...sniff sniff) CUT THE VIOLINS!!

Then one sunny morning, Jemmy the Mafia Godmother Rabbit was hopping through the field with me - we were scouting out for a good place to stash rather a lot of smuggled catnip (don't ask!). We found a huge pile of rather gawn-orff potatoes and on the top was Tatty Mudflinger singing 'Mash them Tattys Down' and twanging a banjo.

Suddenly Jemmy had one of her BIG BUNNY money spinning ideas and a deal was done with Tatty Mudflinger there and then. The Kit-Kat Gang under the instruction of the Godmother built a distillery in the barn and we produced what was called Tatty Schnappsie from all the potatoes. It was so strong, it could have bowled over a herd of rhino! Jemmy always kept a business head on and phoned NASA to see if they'd buy the lot off us for the Space Shuttle. She got put through to some Noreen on reception and she said NASA wouldn't do business with such a bad bunny. So not to be disheartened Jemmy sent some samples of Tatty Schnappsie to the  Transylvanian Mafia...we never heard back from them and its understood they were all done in....(Gulp). After that fiasco we hid all the Tatty Schnappsie in the Barn and its been there ever since. Gizzy and I are going to use a little drop in our engine so come back soon my friends to hear what happens to us next...

Look out for your pals & good night & Bless you all.

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