Thursday, 28 April 2011

V.I.P. Woofet Visitors

....Good Evening dear friends...I hope you are all tickerty boo!

I'm typing to you top secret like n hush hush sneaky hush hush ...

Shhhh I'm sworn to secrecy but I can tell you this coz its you.....

Jemmy Jim Jams and I got visited today by two very big and important dogs. We wore dark glasses so they couldn't recognise us as one was the Chief of Police Mascot and the other was RAF Squadron Leader.

I was all up for legging it to be true as I thought it was coz of all that stash of catnip and we was gonna get arrested and thrown in a cattery but Jem said to act cool.. (gulp)

ACT COOL!! ??? She sez to me she's gonna handle all the talking and if there was any bother they wouldn't stand a chance against us two in a fight!??? Honestly dear Blog Readers that Rabbit is not 'The Godmother' Mafia Rabbit for nothing, she's tough as a pickled n toasted conker!

They said they were prepared to kindly turn a blind eye to the the strange explosions, kipper & bra thieving and other odd goings on if they could borrow our services ...

That's all I can say for now...but tune in tomorrow if you're curious!

Sleep Well  and Cheerie-Pip.

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