Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Good Afternoon to you all...what an exciting day!!

Yesterday Jemmy & I were given a Secret Mission to complete. I had to go to Buckingham Palace last night to meet The Queens Corgies by the back door...
It has been a very important job for generations that a chief taster gets to try samples of all that is to be consumed by the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and I was selected as part of a Security Operation.
I tried jelly and ice cream, chicken and pies and volauvents..etc....

....but there was more than a hic-up.

I was so enthusiastic about the security job I started to eat the top tier of the Royal Wedding Cake! The Queens Corgies were distraught at first but recovered quickly as one must remain CALM in Crisis!

Luckily they had a Sainzboz Fruit Cake down in the kitchens and one of the Corgies had luckily got a Michelin Star in Icing decoration so my woolly bottom was saved!

I managed to hitch a lift down to Westminster with the Cavalry after an eventful food tasting. I hid under The King of Tonga's seat and kept in close communication with Jemmy.

She was disguised as a flower arrangement in Westminster Abbey and was keeping close surveillance for anyone from the Criminal Underworld and reporting back to the Chief of Police. Normally, this would be an act of 'grassing' but Jemmy had done a very special secret deal with the RAF in return for our security work.....

The Wedding and the security job was a fantastic success and Catherine was beautiful and the dress stunning -  Prince William looked so smart, I wiped away a little happy tear.

Jemmy & I hitched a lift back to Buckingham Palace with the Bridesmaids.

Jemmy signaled with her flag that something great was about to happen, the deal she had done with the RAF was for Gizzy Whizzie to have free expert flying lessons!

Cheerie-Pip and Bless you all.

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