Saturday, 21 May 2011

Losing One's Marbles

Good morning dearest readers, do hope you are all tickerty-boo this sunny Saturday.

I was just pottering along, minding my own whiskers when I heard a bit of wailing and sniffing. I found Angus, the small marmalade kitten from up the road crying and looking all around the grass.

When he saw me, he said, "Oh Idgie, I've lost my marbles, I can't find them anywhere". I sez to him, "Where have you been?".

Angus said he'd been everywhere! Across the fields, up at Tatty's Barn, and it was only just now that he realised that he'd got a big hole in his marble bag.

Now, I'd heard Professor Atticus say on quite a few occasions the losing of one's marbles was a serious business and you can end up in the Home of the Bewildered.

So, we went hot paw over to Atticus' House to tell him what had happened. When we arrived, Atticus said, "How lovely to see you, let's have a nice cuppa tea!". Atticus had got some colourful cushions to rest our wolley behinds on and the wise old gentlemen listened to Angus' woeful tale of losing his marbles.

Atticus said, "sometimes in this life things can be very hard and one could lose a few marbles along the way but a cuppa tea and nice company can always save the day. It just so happens, little Angus, I've got an old treacle pot full of marbles that I will give to you".

Angus was so happy, the old treacle pot was full of beautiful multi-coloured marbles- Angus said "Thank you...thank you very much!"

All was well again, so take care of your pals and your own marbles and see you again soon...Cheerie-pip & Ta Ta.

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