Monday, 16 May 2011

A Tennis Tale

Good Evening to you all, I hope you are all settled down in your nesting materials as it's nippy tonight.

It's been a busy and eventful day - get yourselves a cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it...

This morning Gizzy and I took little Angus the marmalade kitten strawberry picking, now there are not many strawberries about just yet but soon will be - Tatty Mudflinger & Jemmy are on a money spinning idea to supply Wimbledon with strawberries so they got a secret polly-tunnel on the go....but it's not that secret coz we found it! He He...we only took a few and Tatty wouldn't mind.

We then went for a tennis game, now I'm not into all this fitness malarky but I don't mind a bit of pit-pat and strawberries. Little Angus guarded the strawberries and volunteered to be our ball boy.

 All was going well when the ball bounced off and rolled into an old tree stump. Little Angus took his job very seriously and sprang after the ball....

Now what we didn't know dearest blog readers was that Aubrey the Adder was sun bathing on the stump and he has a terrible attitude problem!

The key thing you need to know dear blog readers is if you ever comes across Aubrey Adder is he has a poisonous bite! That's No.1 key info, you also know an Adder from the zig zag stripes and they loves sunbathing. Normally if they hears you they squiggles orf smartish as most are shy but if you comes flying through the undergrowth all eager after a tennis ball an Aubrey Adder can turn real nasty!

Poor Angus thought he'd had his chips dear readers and he was shaking with terror!

Never fear ! I am not Idgie the Wild Cat MacVity for nuffink, Ive been trained by the Rabbit Mafia Godmother so I soon got a grip!!

Nobody... Nobody tries to bite Angus without being tied up in a Granny Knot! I told Aubrey he was lucky I'd got him by the neck and not Jemmy Jim Jams. ...

Drama or what dear readers!? I've told you before and I will always remind you to Watch your Whiskers out there!
After that traumatic ka-fluffle we all went home and we had strawberries for pud which is indeed a jolly good end to the day.

Snuggle down now and see you all soon...

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