Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red Feathers and a Hooly-Hooly Skirt

Good Afternoon dearest friends of Idgie the Cat.
Todays little blog is dedicated to three important women who have stopped me from falling in the treacle over the years by tuning into my humour. Laughter is key !
This is for CEWB, CRO and SP who found this song....I present to you Boo Boo Massoue the Mystical Bunny Leader of the Moon Worshipping Bongo Bunny Tribe.
Red Feathers and a Hooly - Hooly Skirt ( Written by Bob Merril 1952)

(She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt)
(She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt)
She lives on just cokey-nuts and fish from the sea
A rose in her hair, a gleam in her eyes
And love in her heart for me

I work in a London bank, respectable position
From nine to three they serve you tea
But ruin your disposition
Each night of music calls, rather lost I seem
And once a pearl of a native girl came smilin' right at me

She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She lives on just cokey-nuts and fish from the sea
A rose in her hair, a gleam in her eyes
And love in her heart for me

Goodbye to the London bank, I started in a-sailin'
The fourteenth day from Mandalay I spied her from the railin'
She knew I was on my way, waited, and was true
She said "You son of an Englishman, I've dreamed each night of you"

She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She lives on just cokey-nuts and fish from the sea
A rose in her hair, a gleam in her eyes
And love in her heart for me

I went to her Ma and Pa and said I loved her only
And they both said we could be wed, oh, what a ceremony
An elephant brought her in, placed her by my side
While six baboons got out bassoons and played "Here Comes the Bride"

I'm back here in London town and, though it may sound silly
She's here with me and you should see us walk down Picadilly
The boys at the London bank kinda hold their breath
She sits with me and sips her tea which tickles them to death

She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She wears red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt
She lives on just cokey-nuts and fish from the sea
A rose in her hair, a gleam in her eyes
And love (and love) in her heart (in her heart) for me

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Behold the Tortoise

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers, I hope you are all well and keeping warm.

Jemmy and I went to see Professor Atticus today, he is very wise and makes a lovely cup of tea.

Due to Jemmy quitting Mafia work she no longer needed a tabby cat bouncer so I thought Atticus could give me some kind of advice on what to do now I didn't have to protect the ol rabbit...

Atti finished his tea and took me by the paw up the garden. He said..

"Idgie - Behold the tortoise".....

I looked a bit puzzled, I mean the tortoise was asleep!

Atticus put some lettuce leaves out and we waited.....Zzzz....then dear friends the tortoise woke up..

Atticus put his paw on my head and said...

"The tortoise makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."

With that we went back indoors and to be true to you dear friends, although I'm grateful for the lesson - I still don't know what I'm going to do!

Ta Ta for now


Leap...and the will appear (Zen)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lady Luck

Hello dearest blog readers, isn't it a cold day! Brrrrr I was just making a cup of tea when there was a little rata -tat -tat at the door.

On the doorstep was Charlie the Charmer who is Gizzy Whizzies eldest brother. I invited him in for a cup of tea as he clearly had something on his mind.

He asked me if Id seen Gizzy anywhere as nobody could find her, she wasn't at work in the garage and she hadnt been home for tea. I scratched my little tabby head and thought really hard...ooooo NO!! Where could Gizzy be?!

Charlie and I ran to the garage and there was just a rusty old banger car and not a sign of Gizzy.
It was then dear readers that I realised that something was out of place. In the corner was one of the old Fruit Machines from Deirdre the Goats Casino. Deirdre must have given it to Gizzy to mend.

The machine was called Lady Luck and I found Gizzy's pink spanner and her toolbox along side it. I tapped  on the  machine with the spanner and Charlie and I could hear a little echoey voice. It was Gizzy and she said..."Help...Help...I'm stuck in here!!"

Charlie and I told her hold on and we would get help. Charlie ran to get Jemmy Jim Jams as she would know what to do.

Whilst Charlie was out finding Jemmy I climbed on top of the Fruit Machine to talk to Gizzy to reassure her help was coming. I accidentally sat on the start button ...

The whole machine started rocking and playing wacky music. Ooooo Noo! I hopped about trying to find the off switch and pushed all the buttons. The fruit symbols whizzed around and around and I hit nudge and  hold and suddenly I got three Gizzy Whizzy symbols in a line !!! Wooo!

Gizzy's little head and front paws appeared in the cash bucket. "HELP!!!" Shouted Giz, "I'm upside down."

Just then thank my lucky whiskers Jemmy Jim Jams arrived. Her new metal working gear had been dropped off from the  back of a waggon this morning. (Gulp)

She cut out a big hole in the side of the fruit machine and we soon rescued Gizzy Whizzie who was very glad indeed to be free but mighty miffed at missing her tea as last night was fishfingers!

Not to worry dear friends, I'll make sure little Gizzy gets something nice to snaffle and there is a lesson in this story. Do yourself a favour and don't get too deep or put any trust into Fruit Machines as you can get into a right ol' pickle!!

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Angus the Kitten takes a Photo

Dearest Blog Readers, I do hope you are all tickerty-boo. I'm sorry that your own Idgie the Cat has been off the ol' whisker waves for a while...I have been sleeping.....LOTS! ZZzzz Anyway, I'm waking up a bit now for spring ...

Hoorah!! get yourselves a cuppa tea and put your paws up and I'll tappity-tap you the news.

Since waking up I went on a little walk up to The Clumps in the sunshine to talk to the Bongo Drumming Bunnie Communication Network as I'm up to a bit of a secret tabby mission of mercy....more about that in mo.

On my way I could hear the bongo drums in the distance sending communication out across the Shires.

As I crossed Tatty Mudflingers Field I met Professor Atticus and little Angus the marmalade kitten. The batteries in Atticus' ol camera had fizzled out and Angus was a bit cheesed off as he wanted to take a picture of dear ol Atti in the daffodils.

Atti sat down cross legged with Angus and asked him if he would like to take a MAGIC picture instead which didn't need a camera. Angus was excited and sat down next to the old white cat to find out about MAGIC pictures.

Atti said "What can you see Angus?"...the little kitten looked all a round and said, "well...I can see you Atticus and I can see lots of daffodils and little crocus flowers,  its a beautiful day."

"What can you hear?" asked Atti... Angus' little furry ear 'oles twizzled and he said "I can hear all the chirpers singing as spring is coming."

Atti said "What does it feel like and what can you smell?" Angus smiled and said " it feels warm from the sunshine and I can smell the fresh air"

"Great" said Atti,"Concentrate on your beautiful day and on the count of 1-2-3 put your paws over your eyes and CLICK, take a magic picture with your mind. (WOW!)"

Angus had his little paws over his eyes and Atti said "What can you see in your MAGIC picture?"Angus was thrilled as he could see Atticus and all the daffodils. "Keep your eyes shut and frame your picture, its yours forever" said Atti grinning. "You can look at it anytime, even when its dark and cold - its always right there in your head."

Angus was really happy and said "Thank you, thank you very much."

I waved goodbye to them and went to see Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother. The ol bunny boss was hunched over wearing her mafia shades so I put mine on too.

Things had not been too good for a while with the bunny business. Jemmy was not dealing well with the skullduggery. All was deep dark bumbles! She had run out of hatchets and her lucky baseball bat had got stuck up a tree after lobbing it at rival mafia!Sigh...

Jemmy couldn't see the sunshine or the daffodils and was so down hearted. I wanted to ask the ol boss if she had ever taken a mind MAGIC picture but thought better of it!!(gulp)

I took my shades off and smiled at Jemmy Jim Jams. My bongo drumming communication message had worked as I could see a bunny in a flying jacket hiding behind a tree grinning at me.

SUDDENLY  Katya Hoppenorf the super spy leapt out and gave Jem a big bunny squeeze. The ol' rabbit boss threw off her shades and SMILED!

Righty o dear friends I must be off now for some snaffling and a snooze. Watch your whiskers out there wont you and get your proper rest in your nesting materials else you can end up in a whole heap of bumbles!

TaTa for now.