Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yum Yum - Maple Syrup

Ooo I do love a drop and a drip and drop and a dripperty lickerty splosh of Maple Syrup!

Line Dancing

Hello Dearest Friends, I do hope you are all very well.

I have been so busy as 'er what feeds me has had all of the Kit Kat Gang helping to paint The Hutch...(the flat) - apart from a few painty paw prints, splashes n splots the place looks fresh as a daisy now. In fact..I scampered in the other day and for a moment I thought Id got the wrong place but the waft of kippers snapped me out of it.

To celebrate a job well done we all washed behind our ear 'oles and went Line Dancing!

Atticus wore a gigantic hat and I think he had a bacon butty under it in case he got peckish.
Gizzy Whizzie was showing off as usual in her bubble-gum pink shirt and good ol' Tatty Muddyflinger taught us all the steps.

Cheeerie -pip for now