Thursday, 24 July 2014

Connie the Constrictor

Hello Everybody!

I do hope you are all very well this sunny day.

You must forgive me for my fluffed up state but something really alarming happened - make yourself a cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it.

We were all at Tatty Mudflingers barn giving our Cherry Schnappsie jars a good shake. As you can see I don't have as many cherries as everyone else as...not all mine made it into the jar during preparation.

There we all were chatting happily and care free...

YES - YOU KNOW WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY  - its at times like this dear friends that you really need to watch your whiskers!

Suddenly Lavinia Mudflinger came hurtling into the barn whirling her handbag in floods of tears.

"HELP HELP HELP !!! Angus the marmalade kitten is being squeeeeeeeezed by a giant snake!!"

Lavinia had clopped the snake round the kisser with her handbag but the deranged killer constrictor let out a terrifying maniacal laugh and refused to let go off little Angus!

 It turns out that the snake was Crazy Connie who had been let out of Snakesville Open Prison for the day on a jolly. Some daft  do-gooder had stuck their big beak in and thought it would be therapeutic for Connie to slither orf on a little shopping trip for soft loo rolls and a frilly lampshade to cheer herself  up.

We all ran to save Angus from her evil coils ....but terrifyingly we were all very soon in her tight grip!

All of the Kit Kat Gang in mortal danger!

 ...Only Lavinia was free to run and get help and she shot off whirling her handbag to the ONLY place you could possibly go when faced with such peril....

Luck was on our side! Lavinia ran straight to the Rabbit Bunker to fetch Jemmy Jim Jams the Old English Godmother of all Bunnies!

There was a flash of black and white and a little fluffy tail as Jemmy grabbed her present from the Piglet Possy which she hadn't had opportunity to use yet. The little piglets had been down Blackbush Market and got a buy one get one free offer on Knuckle Tazers! Jemmy was overcome with emotion on receiving such a thoughtful gift and had them plugged in to charge up over night.

 We all thought we were about to depart this blog when there was a mighty flash of light -crackle n bang !!

Fizzzzzzz Thwack!!!Ka- Pow!!!!!The new Knuckle Tazers blew Jemmy off her paws and she looked impressive as Bruce Lee as the volts hit Connie the Constrictor. She didnt know what hit her!!

We all escaped ( with static fizzing fur! ) and as for Connie....she was dragged off frazzled n smoking from the nostrils  back to Snakesville.

A happy ending! Though I think Jemmy is going to see if the piglets had kept a receipt for the Knuckle Tazers as they rather disappointingly melted.

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Knitting Disasters

Good Morning dearest friends

I do hope you are all tickerty-boo and enjoying the summer time.

There has been a bit of a crazy knitting epidemic that has broken out all over the area which started up at The Clumps. Boo Boo Massou the Leader of the Bongo Drumming Bunnies started up a knitting circle and all the little bunnies went wild wanting wool, patterns and knitting needles.

My boss Jemmy Jim Jams had her ear to the ground and is always quick to spot a trend. She saw this as an excellent business opportunity so was about to buy in a stash of wool and whatnot to flog up the market.

However....after seeing what happened when we all had a go....

she changed her mind!

I quietly think the ol' bunny boss may have made a mistake here and is missing out on a nice little earner.
 Boo Boo Massou is in talks with the local flock of sheep and  the whisper is shes opening a wool shop.

Best of luck I say!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tatty Schnappsie Time

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

Thank you for reading my little blog.

I can feel it in my whiskers that storms are coming for the weekend. (I heard it on the radio really!)

As you know dear ol' Tatty made a rather lethal batch of Tatty Schnappsie quite a few blue moons back and it could only be safely used for rocket fuel.  The good news is over the years Tatty has been experimenting up at Mudflingers Barn with help from Atticus and they can now make 'safe' Schnappsie....I say 'safe' as there was that incident when Sherbert the race horse who tried a drop and went temporarily radio-active...but that's all water under the bridge!

I just scampered off to meet Tatty as we are going off cherry picking....

Wish us luck up the cherry trees, we hope to make a batch of Cherry Schnappsie before the storms come!

Cherry- pip for now... -Watch your whiskers out there and don't forget your wellingtons and umbrella!

Ta Ta!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Time to mend the bike

Good Afternoon dearest friends,

I do hope you are all tickerty-boo on this fine sunny day.

I have at last managed to convince 'er what feeds me to take her ol' bike to the repair shop. Rattling along with a collection of spiders and a snail is one thing but cycling twelve miles all in 2nd gear....well that is just barmy!

I cant have the ol' girl keeling over as it will disrupt my feeding times!

Watch your whiskers out there - Ta Ta!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Green knees

Good Afternoon dearest friends

Lovely weather for ducks and slugs! - Ive just scampered in from the rain drops.

I was watching 'er what feeds me cut the grass with clippers earlier until the rain came down. I always thought gardeners were meant to have green fingers....not green knees....

I'm off for a little snooze now but I have spied it's chicken for dinner tonight so Ill be snoozing with one eye slightly open and my whisker senses tuned in as I mustn't miss my helping!

Cheerie pip =^..^=

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Le Tour Yorkshire 2014

Good Afternoon dearest followers,

Thank you for reading my little blog.

Tatty Mudflinger and I were rattling along on the little grey tractor this afternoon. We were just about to turn out of the broad bean field on to the country lane when this lot of racing Lycra clad mice came zipping by!

They shot by so fast it was like a multi-coloured bolt of lightning.

All that pedal power made Tatty and I feel quite puffed out and thirsty so we went up to the barn for a drop of apple fizz.

Ta Ta for now and watch your whiskers out there!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Electronic String Quartet

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

As you know mice really love classical music with a modern twist. At this time of year all the little mice take off across the fields with their tents and supplies of cheese to attend a Big Music Festival up at The Clumps Wood. This year they are very excited as its featuring the Missy Mouse Electronic String Quartet.

All the mice are going crazy for them!

Due to all the excitement and the Missy Mouse success...Jemmy Jim Jams has been thinking. (Gulp)
Shes got a very dusty violin but shes wondering about blowing the fluff off it and forming a band with the Kit -Kat Gang. Tatty has a Banjo that I can borrow and he plays the piano and little Gizzy is hot stuff on the drums! Atticus can play the Clarinet and is Grade 8 at the Kazoo....

We shall see but I must be going now to buy my ear defenders from Construction Supplies as I have a bit of  apprehensive tingling to my whiskers!

Cheerie-pip for now.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Gizzy's Pink Knickers

Good Afternoon dearest friends

I do hope you are keeping your paws dry as its bucketing down here - makes my fur go all frizzy so I've scampered indoors to talk to you.

Last night there was a kerfluffle at Wimbledon after everyone had gone home.

Jemmy has a traders pass and sneaked Gizzy and I in to center court for a game of midnight tennis. The roof and lighting are so wonderful it looks like day time.

Jemmy hopped up into the umpires seat wearing the official special blazer, tie and cap. She really looked the part! Gizzy and I came on court to play bringing with us some orange squash and bananas for sustenance.

Before we had hung up our towel Jemmy started getting all bouncy and cross in her umpires seat. She said she was very strict about the Wimbledon rules and we should all be wearing white. I tried to explain it was midnight and nobody would care about my tartan head band....but it just sent the ol bunny into a rant!

She ordered Gizzy off court as she was wearing her lucky pink knickers!

Well dear friends, it was soon after this that some burly security arrived and we had to scarper. We got away no bother as we are good at quick exits but I must say I was a bit miffed as I forgot my bananas which we could have had with melted choccy buttons. (Sigh)

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free range eggs

Good Afternoon dearest friends, thank you for reading my little blog.

Im having a snaffling break from the strawberry picking so I thought Id tune into the World Whisker Waves and say hello.

Atticus invited Angus the Marmalade Kitten and I over for breakfast this morning so I told Atti I'd collect the eggs from the chickens on the way. Tatty Mudflinger looks after a few free range chickens that strut around the Christmas Tree Plantation and snooze in the nice straw at the barn. When the chickens first arrived I got chased by a big red rooster all the way down the farm track and I leaped over the Pig Sty wall giving Petunia the mum of the notorious piglet possy a real fright! I landed in her laundry basket. Luckily she was very kind about it as she is use to her piglets squealing out of no where for a laugh.

Jemmy Jim Jams sent Atticus to go to the barn as my representative for peace talks with the chickens. Im happy to say due to his patience and clever mediation techniques we are permitted a basket of eggs in exchange for corn and protection.

We do love free range eggs for breakfast.

Cheerie-pip for now dearest readers, watch your whiskers out there and I'll be back soon. Taa Taa

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wimbledon and Tweeting

Good Morning dearest friends, I do hope you are all very well and enjoying the sunny weather.

Jemmy Jim-Jams has had us all very busy picking strawberries up at Tatty Mudflingers Farm to supply Wimbledon this year. Gizzy and I were in the fruit tunnels till very late the other night and Deirdre the Goat hung lanterns up for us so we didn't fall in the produce and squish the stock. With lanterns though you get lots of them great big daft flapperty moths that are attracted to the light. We had to duck n swerve about with the wheelbarrow. Gizzy gets all hysterical if the big fluffy ones swish past her whiskers. Jemmy has gone off to Wimbledon to do some bunny wheelie dealing with a big crate of Champagne. She has taken dear ol Atticus with her in his straw boater as he has the charm and sophistication to 'shift the stash'.

ooo I know what I was going to tell you ! - Little Angus the Marmalade Kitten who is all into the technologicals has been teaching me how to tweet or chirp or whatever its called and you can find me @idgieC if youd like to follow me.

Jemmy has given Gizzy and I the afternoon off so Im going to be relaxing in my deckchair with some strawberries and cream.

Enjoy the tennis and the sunshine dearest followers. Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Good Afternoon dearest friends, I do hope you are very well and keeping dry in all these April showers.

A little while ago Jemmy Jim Jams my boss had quite a turn when she discovered the cost of tickets to the opera in London. She had to lay down in fact so you can tell it was extortionate! She said, 'This opera malarkey is a right ol' racket, I can't fathom why I never thought of it before!'.

Well dear readers, it all kicked off then as the ol' rabbit boss was on the blower sorting out costumes including a bargain batch of sandals!

The first we all knew of our part in Jem's money spinning plans was when the piglet possy were seen putting up posters for Aida!

I did get a bad feeling in my whiskers there and then!

Before we all knew it we were having to learn all the words of Verdi 's Aida which were all in Italian.

None of us could speak the lingo let alone sing it but we were too scared to tell ol' Jem so we made it all up! Jemmy can only speak Cockney so we knew we would get away with it.

'Laaaaa Laaaaaa la la Laaaaaaaaa'

Little Angus the marmalade kitten was a bit upset at first as he hadn't got a stage part in the grand production but his Godmother Jemmy put him in charge of scenery and gave him a knock off  tin of yellow paint and instructed him to make an Egyptian pyramid for our stage back drop.

Little Angus Muckflinger takes after his father and managed to get paint everywhere but he was very happy indeed. He sloshed a lot of yellow paint onto a giant triangular piece of chipboard that Jemmy found and the piglet possy nailed it to a tree to stop it blowing away in the wind and knocking us all out.

Gizzy Whizzy got all into the emotion and drama needed for the part of Aida. Boo Boo Massou volunteered the bongo drumming bunnies to do all the music accompaniment and stage movement as long as she could play the High Priestess. Atticus was told he was the King of Egypt and at first Jem said he shouldn't wear his glasses for authenticity but when he didn't turn up for the first dress rehearsal and mistakenly caught the bus to Bogna... Jem let him keep his specs on. Tatty who has got quite a nice singing voice played the head of the guard. My costume had to be let out a bit by Lavinia at the emergency last minute due to my nervy intake of raspberry doughnuts but we did look very good in the end!

Jem sold LOTs of tickets!

Nobody noticed the trail of yellow kitten footprints leading from the chip board pyramid as our singing wowed the audience so much.

The audience didn't know what we were on about though so Jemmy sent the Morrello Cherry Brothers out with signs instructing all the little animals in the audience to clap and cheer!

During the interval, Deirdre the Goat managed to shift all the tubs of her new Morrello Cherry Liqueur goat milk ice-cream and Jemmy took a percentage of the takings. The ol' rabbits taking tin from ticket sales was full and everyone had a super time. 

I love to give you happy endings dear friends but as I always say..

Watch your whiskers out there - however, I have heard some unnerving news that Jemmy is in talks to transfer to the West End...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Topiary Trouble

Good Afternoon dearest friends of Idgie the Cat.

I do hope you are all very well. Make yourselves a cup of tea and catch up with the latest news.

At last there is some dry sunny weather and Gizzy and I thought we would try to earn a little bit of kitty cash doing some hedge trimming. We went to this big posh house where the hedge was really wild and out of control. The gravel drive was full of weeds. I negotiated a good price to tidy it all up with the owner who had a flashy sports car and a scary dog.

Any ordinary cats  with just a broom and clippers wouldn't have taken on such a massive hedge job but as you know working for Jemmy Jim Jams all these years we have learnt not to fear working on big things.

Well dear friends as I always say you want to watch your whiskers out there!

Gizzy and I worked very hard at trimming and tidying up but when we went to collect the money the bloke told us to scram!
He said we hadn't got a thing in writing and we should clear off or he would set Rivet the Doberman on us!

Well...Gizzy and I legged it to the gate and were about to wriggle through the bars when the doberman burst into tears. She said she was so sorry and what a lovely neat job we had done.

She told us her real name was Milly and she couldn't stand being a security dog and wearing a spiky collar. All Milly ever wanted to be was a Nanny! Gizzy and I reassured her that Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother would be back for revenge and to rescue her.

Gizzy and I ran to Jems Bunker and we told the ol' rabbit boss that we had been properly done over.

Jemmy made a few phone calls and sent Atticus out to cause mayhem with the wiring of the electronic sliding security gate.

Atti clipped a few wires and tied a few knots....the next morning the flashy sports car wasn't flashy anymore!
It was then that Jemmy announced out of the blue her secret burning desire to take up topiary.
She had acquired a few topiary guide books and looked at the pictures and felt it was time to give it a whirl. Lighting up one of her stinking cigars she bounced off to the newly trimmed hedge and did some interesting sculpture work with a modern twist.

Mysteriously at that time Milly the Doberman went missing...

I understand from Jemmy that she is doing very well at the Daisy Petal Kitten Creche...

I hope you enjoyed catching up with my news and do take care of yourselves.

Ta Taa!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day Special : Boo Boo sings 'Hard to Handle'

Baby, here I am 
I'm a girl on the scene 
I can give you what you want 
But you got to come home with me 

I've got some good old loving 
And I got some more in store 
When I get through throwing it on you 
You got to come back for more 

Girls and things will come by the dozen 
That ain't nothing but drugstore loving 
Pretty little thing 
Let me light your candle 
Cause, baby, I'm sure hard to handle now 
Yes, I am 

Actions speak louder than words 
And I'm a girl with a great experience 
I know you got another girl 
But I can love you better than she can 

Take my paw, don't be afraid 
I want to prove every word I say 
I'm advertising love for free 
So won't you place your ad with me 

Girls and things will come by the dozen 
That ain't nothing but ten cent loving 
Groovy little thing 
Let me light your candle 
Cause, baby, I'm sure hard to handle now 
Yes, I am 
Baby, here I am 
I'm a girl on the scene 
I can give you what you want 
But you got to come home with me 

I've got some good old loving 
And I got some more in store 
When I get through throwing it on you 
You got to come back for more 

Girls and things will come by the dozen 
But that ain't nothing 
But ten cent loving 
Pretty little thing 
Let me light your candle 
Cause, baby, I'm sure hard to handle now 
Yes, I am 

Hey, give it to me 
I got to have it 
Good old loving 

Hey, said give it to me 
I got to have it 
Good old loving 

Hey, said here I am 
Hey, I got to have it...

'Hard to Handle' original lyrics and composed by Otis Redding, Allen Jones and Al Bell.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Singing Badgers & Signaling

Hello Everybody.

I bet my whiskers that the rain is really getting on your wick dear readers.

As you know Boo Boo Massou and the Moon Worshiping Bunnies have been cut off by flooding so we have been paddling out carrot and cabbage supplies by coracle. As you can imagine morale is low in the bunny tribal community, so Boo Boo hired the local Badger Theatre Group to perform 'Singing in the Rain' for some light entertainment.

That went rather well actually!

Gizzy Whizzie handed out semaphore flags and taught a few rabbits how to signal their shopping lists to the  'mainland' so we can get them what they need. 

Anyway, I must be off now, the rabbits are meant to be signalling for essential items but Gizzy has translated that one of them wants a satellite dish and a coffee maker....hmmm!

Keep your paws dry and Taa taa for now.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Quick Exit

Hello dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all very well.

Its been a right ol' drama  - put your paws up and have a cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it.

It all started when Atticus packed his carpet bag and said he couldn't be doing with this Olympic malarkey and was going back home as he was cold and missed kippers so much.

I then had a phone call from home, it was Lavinia up at the Mudflingers Barn. She said we all must fly home as The Clumps Wood where Boo Boo Massou and the moon worshipping bunnies live had been cut off like an island by the floods. The Bongo Bunny Drummers were sending out a 'Save Our Fluffy Tales' messages every hour.

Just when I thought that was bad enough news - Lavinia said The Piglet Possy had managed to do up an old VW Camper and had taken it for a test drive....(gulp)
I assured Lavinia that I would tell their Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams as soon as I could find her....Trouble was Jem had hopped off somewhere..

Gizzy and I tried to find Jemmy all over the Ski Resort but there was no sign of the ol' rabbit boss. A snow storm started so we legged it back to the chalet. Where could Jemmy be!?

I was awoken in the middle of the night - my whiskers were twangy with fright - I heard a frantic knocking at the Chalet door...

What followed was a QUICK EXIT !

It turned out that Jemmy had smuggled in a large crate of Tatty Schnapsie Olympic Edition to sell off at ...have you gawn raving mad prices.

You know whats shes like, she managed to shift the whole lot to a regiment of Cossack' s with big fluffy hats and all was well she thought.

Being a bit tickled pink with smugness and flush with the ol crinkly cabbage in her paw she shot off to the ice rink to see Katya Hoppenorf.

They were just about to put their ice skates on when there was a mighty commotion. Some of the Cossack's with the big fluffy hats and pointy swords had tried a sipsey of the Tatty Schnapsie.  It blew their hats clean off! Several nose dived into a snow drift and as you can imagine they were not very happy!

Luckily for Jemmy and Katya, the snow was so thick and falling fast they were able to hop off and disappear. Their paw prints were covered by snow and it was if they never existed.

Don't worry, we are all home safe now but we will not be resting. There are piglets to find and rabbits to rescue so I'll be back soon.

Watch your whiskers out there and ta taa.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Saving a Fish Pie

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

As you know, Jemmy Jim Jams has dropped us all in it....errr...I mean to say she has encouraged us to take up Olympic Winter Sports.

I am meant to be trying to persuade Atticus to wear the correct modern aero-dynamical cosi for the Alpine Downhill event. We have got some flashy ski's now but he will not take off the pink fleece onsie or his thermal rainbow hat as he says he wont be bullied by anyone or conform.

 However he did agree to go on the ski lift with me at lunch time and have a cup of hot chocolate.

When we were nearly to the top Atticus was slurping away on his hot drink when suddenly he remembered he had left his fish pie cooking in the chalet at the bottom of the mountain. We quickly hopped off the ski lift and Atti told me not to worry, he would be back in flash!

He left me holding the flask at the top of the giant ski jumping slope and shot off to rescue his fish pie from being cremated.

I had no idea that Atticus was secretly a champion ski jumper but of course Atti never brags or shows off.

The good news is Atti rescued his pie but has caused quite a stir in the mountain resort!

I'll be back soon, Atti has kept some pie for me. Ta Taa

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gizzy's New Olympic Kit

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers. I have good news about our sports equipment.

It was voted by all of us that little Gizzy Whizzie should get her sports kit first for health and well being reasons.

Hurtling along on a tea tray at break neck speed on the icy Skeleton run in just a woolly tank top with a colander helmet was both seriously daring and perilous.

Jemmy Jim Jams went to the pub to see a ferrety acquaintance of ours called Monty Grabba. It just so happened he had managed to acquire some proper sports kit for Gizzy ....

Hooorah! Well as you can imagine Gizzy LOVES this so much and we have very high hopes for a medal.

I'll be back soon -  Jemmy has insisted I try to persuade old Atticus not to wear Lavinia's pink fleece onsie for the Alpine Downhill event. Wish me luck with that!