Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tatty Schnappsie Time

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

Thank you for reading my little blog.

I can feel it in my whiskers that storms are coming for the weekend. (I heard it on the radio really!)

As you know dear ol' Tatty made a rather lethal batch of Tatty Schnappsie quite a few blue moons back and it could only be safely used for rocket fuel.  The good news is over the years Tatty has been experimenting up at Mudflingers Barn with help from Atticus and they can now make 'safe' Schnappsie....I say 'safe' as there was that incident when Sherbert the race horse who tried a drop and went temporarily radio-active...but that's all water under the bridge!

I just scampered off to meet Tatty as we are going off cherry picking....

Wish us luck up the cherry trees, we hope to make a batch of Cherry Schnappsie before the storms come!

Cherry- pip for now... -Watch your whiskers out there and don't forget your wellingtons and umbrella!

Ta Ta!

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