Friday, 27 June 2014

Gizzy's Pink Knickers

Good Afternoon dearest friends

I do hope you are keeping your paws dry as its bucketing down here - makes my fur go all frizzy so I've scampered indoors to talk to you.

Last night there was a kerfluffle at Wimbledon after everyone had gone home.

Jemmy has a traders pass and sneaked Gizzy and I in to center court for a game of midnight tennis. The roof and lighting are so wonderful it looks like day time.

Jemmy hopped up into the umpires seat wearing the official special blazer, tie and cap. She really looked the part! Gizzy and I came on court to play bringing with us some orange squash and bananas for sustenance.

Before we had hung up our towel Jemmy started getting all bouncy and cross in her umpires seat. She said she was very strict about the Wimbledon rules and we should all be wearing white. I tried to explain it was midnight and nobody would care about my tartan head band....but it just sent the ol bunny into a rant!

She ordered Gizzy off court as she was wearing her lucky pink knickers!

Well dear friends, it was soon after this that some burly security arrived and we had to scarper. We got away no bother as we are good at quick exits but I must say I was a bit miffed as I forgot my bananas which we could have had with melted choccy buttons. (Sigh)

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free range eggs

Good Afternoon dearest friends, thank you for reading my little blog.

Im having a snaffling break from the strawberry picking so I thought Id tune into the World Whisker Waves and say hello.

Atticus invited Angus the Marmalade Kitten and I over for breakfast this morning so I told Atti I'd collect the eggs from the chickens on the way. Tatty Mudflinger looks after a few free range chickens that strut around the Christmas Tree Plantation and snooze in the nice straw at the barn. When the chickens first arrived I got chased by a big red rooster all the way down the farm track and I leaped over the Pig Sty wall giving Petunia the mum of the notorious piglet possy a real fright! I landed in her laundry basket. Luckily she was very kind about it as she is use to her piglets squealing out of no where for a laugh.

Jemmy Jim Jams sent Atticus to go to the barn as my representative for peace talks with the chickens. Im happy to say due to his patience and clever mediation techniques we are permitted a basket of eggs in exchange for corn and protection.

We do love free range eggs for breakfast.

Cheerie-pip for now dearest readers, watch your whiskers out there and I'll be back soon. Taa Taa

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wimbledon and Tweeting

Good Morning dearest friends, I do hope you are all very well and enjoying the sunny weather.

Jemmy Jim-Jams has had us all very busy picking strawberries up at Tatty Mudflingers Farm to supply Wimbledon this year. Gizzy and I were in the fruit tunnels till very late the other night and Deirdre the Goat hung lanterns up for us so we didn't fall in the produce and squish the stock. With lanterns though you get lots of them great big daft flapperty moths that are attracted to the light. We had to duck n swerve about with the wheelbarrow. Gizzy gets all hysterical if the big fluffy ones swish past her whiskers. Jemmy has gone off to Wimbledon to do some bunny wheelie dealing with a big crate of Champagne. She has taken dear ol Atticus with her in his straw boater as he has the charm and sophistication to 'shift the stash'.

ooo I know what I was going to tell you ! - Little Angus the Marmalade Kitten who is all into the technologicals has been teaching me how to tweet or chirp or whatever its called and you can find me @idgieC if youd like to follow me.

Jemmy has given Gizzy and I the afternoon off so Im going to be relaxing in my deckchair with some strawberries and cream.

Enjoy the tennis and the sunshine dearest followers. Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now!