Thursday, 26 June 2014

Free range eggs

Good Afternoon dearest friends, thank you for reading my little blog.

Im having a snaffling break from the strawberry picking so I thought Id tune into the World Whisker Waves and say hello.

Atticus invited Angus the Marmalade Kitten and I over for breakfast this morning so I told Atti I'd collect the eggs from the chickens on the way. Tatty Mudflinger looks after a few free range chickens that strut around the Christmas Tree Plantation and snooze in the nice straw at the barn. When the chickens first arrived I got chased by a big red rooster all the way down the farm track and I leaped over the Pig Sty wall giving Petunia the mum of the notorious piglet possy a real fright! I landed in her laundry basket. Luckily she was very kind about it as she is use to her piglets squealing out of no where for a laugh.

Jemmy Jim Jams sent Atticus to go to the barn as my representative for peace talks with the chickens. Im happy to say due to his patience and clever mediation techniques we are permitted a basket of eggs in exchange for corn and protection.

We do love free range eggs for breakfast.

Cheerie-pip for now dearest readers, watch your whiskers out there and I'll be back soon. Taa Taa

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