Monday, 11 November 2013

The Business

Good Evening dearest blog readers,

I do hope you are all tickerty-boo and keeping your paws dry.

We have been very busy indeed as Jemmy Jim Jams and the Kit Kat Gang have gone into the art business with 'er what feeds me. 

We have got our first craft fair on Sunday so 'er had a business meeting with Jemmy where they agreed on important things like tea breaks, biscuits and who was doing what.

I am in charge of supplies and make sure we have plenty of jammy biccies...and as you can see below I collect the mount board which I take to Atticus for cutting.

Atti is a fast learner and has taught himself to cut mounts which takes a lot of concentration and paw and eyeball  precision.
 He is the best at doing sums and measuring right to the whisker line, he let me have a try - Atti said that my bevel cuts were banana swoops which was a little too modern and free style. 

Little Gizzy Whizzy cleans the  frame glass, she sticks her tongue out when she is polishing and nobody knows why.

Jemmy Jim Jams then does all the quality checking. When we first started she found cat fluff , biccy crumbs and jam on the mounts and she was hopping mad (gulp!) As you can imagine its not a good idea to rattle the ol rabbit who now wears glasses for checking!

Due to Jemmy being deadly at checking our work  the Rejects desk is now very quiet indeed...

In fact Tatty Mudflinger hasn't had any Rejects passed to him so he has fallen fast asleep...

Well, I must be off to my nest now, wish us all luck for Sundays Craft Fair, if we do well it will mean kippers for breakfast so do cross your paws that we get some sales.

Watch your whiskers out there and a very good night to you all.