Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sniffles n' Snuffles

Good morning dearest blog readers, thank you very much indeed for reading my little tabby blog.

I hope you are all very well and enjoying Wimbledon, despite all this persistent rain. Rain is nice for ducks and slugs I guess but like you I expect its really getting right on your whiskers now!

As you know your own dear Idgie the Cat got roughly FLUNG out of Wimbledon Court One after being caught by a hawk-eyed security bod for selling Jim Jam Strawberries without a licence. (Whoops!)

Fortunately Gizzy Whizzie has been doing excellent trading out on Murray Mount with Strawberry Smoothies. She's been dashing about like a wild fing between the showers wearing her little Wimbledon pinny and boater. Normally I am around to help her but I've had to stay home after the kafluffle with security.

In fact it turned out that I was needed at home as 'er what feeds me went Ka-Put with a Summer Lurgy. She's been coughing and sniffly snuffling so I've been liberally squirting lurgy-bug killer about and making sure 'er doesn't wriggle out of gluggin' down the cough gloop medicine (YUK!).

Poor Gizzy has been working flat out and can even de-stalks the strawberries in her sleep!

It wasn't till Thursday afternoon that suddenly Gizzy Whizzie nearly nose dived into the washing up in the back of the Stawberry Smoothy Trailer. She got a nasty cough and tried to struggle on with the Smoothie Sales...oooo dearie me......

Jemmy Jim Jams arrived at the trailer with the next batch of strawberries only to find poor Gizzy Ka-Splat and Ka-putten in a pool of sticky strawberry slush.

Jemmy made a quick rabbity phone call to a friend in the RAF and a Sea- King rescue helicopter was sent straight to them and very soon Gizzy was tucked up safe in bed. The RAF gave Gizzy some super pyjamas and Jemmy sent a huge bunch of flowers.

I've been very busy looking after Gizzy and 'er what feed me - you need to watch your whiskers out there as there is a nasty lurgy about that's for sure, I don't want anymore of you going Ka-Splat!

Jemmy is so excited about the Wimbledon final she has switched from Strawberry Smoothie sales to Strawberry Infused Champagne. Atticus has been helping her as he has a certain sophistication and charm to shift the stock!

Keep safe and well friendly followers and Taa Taa for now.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Caught In a Strawberry Jam

Good afternoon dearest blog readers ...

I am sorry for being off the whisker waves, we have been so busy with the strawberry picking and supplies for the tennis at Wimbledon this year. Unfortunately, this year has not gone quite as well as last years sales.

Annually, I always hoppity skippity under the noses of security and wheely dealy my tabby body around Court No.1 selling strawberries normally very successfully.

It was just rotten luck a new security fellow clocked me and chased me around the spectators seats on the opening day. I dropped my strawberry stash and vaulted onto the court, hastily circled the umpires chair but caught my back claw in the tennis net! I was roughly wrestled and rolled into a tennis towel and was carried off hissing n' spitting out of the court.

The Security fellow contacted the 'ers what feed me and there was a lot of huffing and puffing - verbal and hands on hips! I was let off eventually with a caution and told never to return!

Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother luckily was understanding and said I better keep low for a while till the heat went off. This was a bit of a set back but Gizzy Whizzy has been flogging strawberry smoothies like a wild fing on Murray Mount and has made Jemmy a good profit.

Whilst we have all been busy with Wimbledon, Deirdre the Goat and Sebby Coo-Coo the Mafia Racing Pigeon held a Bingo Night extravaganza for the small local animals. Sebby Coo-Coo is excellent at calling out the Bingo Ball numbers. He's small and feathery but LOUD! On his way home from the Bingo Night he was flying over the Strawberry Polly-Tunnels by Tatty Mudflingers Barn. He has little beady eye balls and spotted some dodgy rats nicking the strawberries! Honestly dear readers, you need to nail everything down these days! Well Sebby landed on a window sill and started to Coo Coo Coo louder than an Air Raid Alert.

Tatty Mudflinger heard the noise straight away as he was giving the kittens their night time milk feed.

He legged it to the Rabbit Bunker door and roused Jemmy who came running along with a Bazuka Missile was just laying by the bunker door... with a few sticks of TNT and a tazer.

Sebby, Tatty and Jemmy chased the theiving rats through the strawberry polly tunnel and only one missile was fired. That was enough Jemmy thought to frighteen the whiskers off the intruders.
Jemmy was very proud of Sebby Coo-Coo and to reward him for his loud Coo Coo and Mafia Loyalty he was given a Mafia Gold Star.

Enjoy the tennis and I'll be back soon once the dust has settled - Watch your whiskers out there, taa taa for now.