Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Good Evening dearest friends, wishing you all a very happy and safe halloween! I'm orf now to the party at Boo Boo Massou's and I'll let you know what happens.

Watch your whiskers out there ... Ta Ta!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Boo Boo Massou

Greetings to you all on this Sunday afternoon...did you remember to put the clocks BACK an hour?...Gizzy got in a muddle and put them forward so arrived here way too early. There's me thinking dearest blog readers that I would get an extra hour in my nesting materials !

Although Gizzy got here early we got chatting and were then late leaving to see Atticus for the annual pumpkin carving.

It's when you are late that everyone else around you seems to appear slower....Gizzy and I were sat at the zebra crossing for ages as Madam Ma'Zebra-Socks was sucking on a big chewy everton mint and took an age to get across the road....

Gizzy was all flustered up, nervy and impatient and rudely shouted ..."Move it Spotty!!!"....unfortunately the van window was open... (sigh)

"Spotty!???" sez I all bemused and confused to Gizzy..."why SPOTTY?!"...Gizzy wriggled in the driving seat and said .."Obviously she's called Spotty!!" and puffed in an exasperated kind of way. (???)


Jemmy Jim Jams was really tired out from all the wheelie dealing with the Hamper Supplies so she hopped off to see her very good friend Boo Boo Massou who lives on the sunny side of The Clumps Woodland in a big circular mud hut with a rushy grassy roof.

Boo Boo Massou is very friendly and warm natured and is all into massage and mystical healing. She is a big fluffy brown wild bunny with huge paws to match her jolly large personality. She always has interesting was an acorn headdress and feather and a conker necklace.

"Super Conkers!"  shouted Jemmy springing in the hut with a big bunch of daisies! Boo Boo Massou waved her fluffy paws in the air with excitement on seeing The Mafia Boss and went all giggerly and daft causing her grassy skirt to rustle. Jemmy had done a bit of bunny business a while back and ended up with a lot of coconut matting.. (Don't ask!) She knew Boo Boo Massou would love the coconut matting for her hut and in return gives Jemmy a free aromatherapy massage or paw rub when ever she likes.

Jemmy got chatting to Boo Boo Massou as the big fluffy bunny twiddled Jems flappy ear-oles. Jemmy soon discovered that Boo Boo Massou was having a Halloween Lantern Party at the Hut tomorrow night. She invited Jemmy to come and sent Bertie Bat to invite all the Moon Worshipping bunnies and the Kit Kat Gang too.

Bertie Bat is very small and squeaks in a high pitched way and has a little brown fluffy tummy. It's getting a bit nippy out for him now and Gizzy knitted him a scarf before he goes into hibernation. Boo Boo Massou will make sure Bertie has plenty to eat at the party as he's got to sleep a long time through the winter. the time Gizzy and I reached Atticus the old cat had already made his pumpkin lantern. Atti has a big gappy grin and long fangs which do look alarming but he's as soft as anything, you should never judge on looks. He had given his lantern the same gappy toothy grin!

We all had a cup of tea and Gizzy worked feverishly on her giant pumpkin. I made two small Pomegranate lanterns and got sticky pomegranate juice all up my fur.

Have fun carving your lanterns and I will be back soon to tell you all about the Halloween Party at Boo Boo Massou's Hut.

Watch your whiskers out there, Cheerie - pip and Ta Ta.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lolita earns some Lolly

Good Evening dearest blog readers , what a rainy ol' night it is, I hope you are all in the warm.

Now...where was I, I know, I was going to tell you what happened to Lolita the Piglet after Jemmy Jim Jams found her outside the chippy sitting on the kerb chomping chips when she should have been in school.

Jemmy took Lolita to see Sergeant Major Caruthers who was a tough ol rabbit and use to training up delinquent bunnies to be soldiers of distinction. He had lived through hawks swooping, snares, the Rabbit Civil War and three Trixi - Mixi outbreaks. He assured Jemmy that Lolita would benefit from discipline and hard work..


Jemmy was rather doubtful and worried but figured that Sergeant Major Caruthers was of excellent character and would sort out Lolita to be a good piglet that her  mum Petunia would be proud of.

It turned out dear readers that Sergeant Major Caruthers took all the delinquent bunny rabbits and our Lolita up to The Clumps Woodland where he taught them how to build a rain proof shelter and what kind of mushrooms were safe to nibble. Lolita as you would expect didn't listen to a word! They were all sent off into The Clumps to build shelters for themselves...but Lolita got completely lost. She trotted along for hours in the rain and couldn't find any of the bunnies or Sergeant Major Caruthers. Her mobile phone had been confiscated and now she was in just a complete nightmare. Eventually she found a road and was so tired, distressed and soggy she sat on the verge holding a tiny leaf over her head to try to keep dry.

Luckily Gizzy and I came zooming down the road in the new Hamper Delivery Lorry.

Despite the rain and it getting dusky I spotted the little pink figure of Lolita sitting by the road.
Well dear friends ...Gizzy and I were not having that, she is a little so n so but shes a teenager and clearly in danger so we screeched on the brakes and rescued her.

Lolita was so happy to see us. On our way home I had a long ol' natter to her whilst Gizzy steered the Hamper Lorry safely through the horrible weather conditions.

Its not everybody dear readers that is going to learn anything from building rain shelters in the woods or what mushrooms are safe to eat. These activities are good survival skills but I was curious about Lolita the Piglet. I asked her...What do you LOVE doing the most?...

Well the answer was obvious really...Lolita loves money, using the computer, food and chatting on the dear readers....her Aunty Idgie called Jemmy Jim Jams and spelt out the situation and the good news is Lolita is now in charge of phone sales on our Hampers!

She is doing brilliantly and using all her skills. Shes now a very busy little piglet and everyone is impressed especially her Mum.

Ta Ta for now dear blog readers, watch your whiskers out there.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lazy Lolita the Piglet

Good Evening dearest blog readers, its a rainy cold ol' night so I hope you are all safely tucked up in your nesting materials.

The Kit Kat Gang have been ever so busy working on Jim Jam Enterprises bumper hampers, its been all go but there is someone we all know who is so lazy its really astounding how she gets away with it day in day out! It's actually infuriating to us workers!

Lolita the Piglet has the most lazy attitude you see, I just have to tell you about it.

Atticus helped the Piglet Possy build a racing bike for all six of the Piglet Possy to ride to school. Everyone helped build it apart from ...Lolita....even when they did their test drive Lolita just sat with her trotters dangling waving at all the lads as the rest of them peddled by Piglet Power through the village.

Lolita can never wake up till one in the afternoon as shes always on the phone or smurfing the web till gawd knows when!....ZZzz.

Petunia the piglets long suffering Mum just is at a loss to know what to do with the delinquent piglet!

When everyone else is working hard at school...Lolita is bunking off chatting away on the phone to lads ...

All you can hear is yak yak yak..yakkerty yak yak and it drives everyone up the wall dear fact her lazy behaviour has been recognised now by the her Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams  (gulp)

Jem cannot bare lazy dodgers so the last we knew the ol rabbit hopped off up the local chippy to round up Lolita for a life changing experience...

Tune in soon friendly folk to find out what happens to Lolita Piglet!.. The game I feel is up !

Night Night dear readers - watch your whiskers out there.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beetroot Chutney & Jim Jam Enterprises UK

Good Afteroon dearest friends - Thank you for tuning in to my whisker waves, I do hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Its been all go recently and I must say I'm mighty glad to take this opportunity to take the weight off me ol tabby paws and let you all know the latest goings on.

My very good friend Paddy the Woofet O'Sullivan telephoned my boss Jemmy Jim Jams up at the Bunker HQ and requested some bunny business assistance and the help of the Kit Kat Gang. Jemmy rubbed her little white paws together and immediately sent us all scrambling over to see Paddy.

Paddy had been working flat out furkeling empty jars as he had been extremely industrious with knocking out the annual stocks of Beetroot Chutney. We all piled in to Paddy's kitchen and I'm not joking there was beetroot everywhere!

We all leapt to his aid and started bottling and labeling. Jemmy kindly donated Katy Cider to the thirsty workers and it was then dear readers that the ol rabbit had one of her big bunny ideas! She was staring at the Beetroot Chutney and the Cider Bottles that Atticus had been working on. We could hear the Ka-ching - Ka-ching sound of money coming from between her long black flappy ear-oles!

Well dear blog readers...Jim Jam Enterprises UK are now going into HAMPER PRODUCTION. Jemmy sent Tatty and Atticus off for a bulk stash of cracker biscuits then sent Gizzy and I off to acquire a suitable delivery van. Paddy was going to have a snooze in front of the woodburner but was instructed to start another batch of pickles! Jem then shot off up the hill hot paw to Windy Ridge to ask Deirdre about goat cheese supplies.

(Sigh).... looks like its going to be a very busy Autumn and a bumper Christmas!

Ta Ta for now and sleep well in your nesting materials.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Don't Dilly Dally....

Good Evening dearest blog readers, thank you for tapping into my whisker waves on this nippy night.

'Er what feeds me came home from the Treacle Mines in the usual bewildered state crossed with a furious choked ferret grimace!

For a human bean that moves quick and is extremely conscientious, she is either drowning in swamp muck or severely slowed up by the great big dollops n cobwebs at the Mine. Gizzy and I were completely baffled about why in the year 2011, 'er was slowed by great big dollops n swampy dear friends, we went to boldly investigate the core of the Treacle Mine!

Guess what we found!?

We found Dilly Dally the Diplodocus, she was MASSIVE and ate up loads of vegetable fodder producing  great big dollopy plopus and the most Jurassic ways. Gizzy was shocked that Dilly Dally was so backwards with technology she had not even considered the WHEEL! Dont get me wrong dearest friendly folk, I love old things like Atticus and black n white films, 'er loves castle ruins and calligraphy but Ooooo dear oh dear....Gizzy and I do not have the heart to tell'er that the Treacle Mine is run by Dilly Dally!

I had to make 'er a big cuppa tea when she got in to recover. Its a secret about the dinosaur - its just between us - keep warm in your nesting materials!
Ta Ta

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Giant Puffball

Good Evening dearest friends - I do hope you are all tickerty boo and keeping your paws warm on this nippy autumny evening.

Many apologies for being off the techno-waves but I was on care duties for 'er what feeds me. She has been quite poorly for three weeks with attacks of the Colley-Wobbles and Swamp Paddling Delirium which is a tricky sickness for those that do not understand.

Luckily for 'er shes got me keeping things safe n quiet at home with cups of tea and the Treacle Mine boss at 'er work prevented 'er from drowning in Swamp Guck.

To help out at home Gizzy did the dusting and I have being doing all kinds of chores. We had a few mishaps mainly with the super suction of the vacuum cleaner but on the whole all went well.

Whilst all this was going on I have got gossip for you!............

Lavinia who is little Angus the marmalade kitten's Mum sent Angus off mushrooming . He went with his basket across the fields. On his mushroom hunt he met good ol' Tatty Mudflinger who just so happened to know lots of great places to pick mushrooms. Angus invited Tatty to come to supper with his family later and Tatty was so happy to be invited he promised to be there.

(Just between us dear readers Tatty is soooo in love with Lavinia. He wants to marry her but Tatty is very shy and has been a bit unreliable in the past and soap shy so Lavinia is not sure about him but everyone knows he would be a great Dad)

Angus waved bye bye to Tatty and skipped off all over the fields and ended up at The Clumps Woodland. He did as he had been told and didn't stray into the wood but he had lost complete track of time and dusk had been and gone... Suddenly there on the hillside he found the most gigantic mushroom he had ever seen! Angus thought Oooo WOW...he had in fact found a Giant Puffball. He knew his Mum would be so proud of him bringing it home for the family supper. He is only little but he managed to carry the Giant Puffball.

His whiskers suddenly went twangy with fright as out of The Clumps woodland burst three of those primitive brown bunnies that worship the moon. They are not the full sack of kitty kibble if you get my drift and they thought Angus had stolen the MOON! Angus ran ! He ran and ran clinging to his Giant Puffball and the daft brown bunnies gave chase waving their spears n hollering!

Angus dived through a prickly thicket panting with fear still clung to to the Giant Puffball when dramatically who should appear...

Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother was on her way to Windy Ridge to the Casino that Deidre the Goat was running for her. She leapt protectively in front of Angus and all the wild brown bunnies dropped their spears and fell to the ground. Jemmy pointed to the sky and told them all off as the Moon was still in the sky! They were very sorry indeed and scuttled off quick back up to the wood.

Jemmy made sure Angus got home with his Giant Puffball then scampered off to Windy Ridge to collect the night takings!

I'm happy to say Tatty kept his word and called round for Giant Puffball Rissoto Supper and they were all very happy.

Bless you all out there and very best wishes to those poor souls suffering with the Colley Wobbles - there is sunlight in your brain I promise and all will be well, watch your whiskers out there and sleep safe in your nesting materials. Ta Ta