Monday, 24 October 2011

Lazy Lolita the Piglet

Good Evening dearest blog readers, its a rainy cold ol' night so I hope you are all safely tucked up in your nesting materials.

The Kit Kat Gang have been ever so busy working on Jim Jam Enterprises bumper hampers, its been all go but there is someone we all know who is so lazy its really astounding how she gets away with it day in day out! It's actually infuriating to us workers!

Lolita the Piglet has the most lazy attitude you see, I just have to tell you about it.

Atticus helped the Piglet Possy build a racing bike for all six of the Piglet Possy to ride to school. Everyone helped build it apart from ...Lolita....even when they did their test drive Lolita just sat with her trotters dangling waving at all the lads as the rest of them peddled by Piglet Power through the village.

Lolita can never wake up till one in the afternoon as shes always on the phone or smurfing the web till gawd knows when!....ZZzz.

Petunia the piglets long suffering Mum just is at a loss to know what to do with the delinquent piglet!

When everyone else is working hard at school...Lolita is bunking off chatting away on the phone to lads ...

All you can hear is yak yak yak..yakkerty yak yak and it drives everyone up the wall dear fact her lazy behaviour has been recognised now by the her Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams  (gulp)

Jem cannot bare lazy dodgers so the last we knew the ol rabbit hopped off up the local chippy to round up Lolita for a life changing experience...

Tune in soon friendly folk to find out what happens to Lolita Piglet!.. The game I feel is up !

Night Night dear readers - watch your whiskers out there.

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