Sunday, 30 October 2011

Boo Boo Massou

Greetings to you all on this Sunday afternoon...did you remember to put the clocks BACK an hour?...Gizzy got in a muddle and put them forward so arrived here way too early. There's me thinking dearest blog readers that I would get an extra hour in my nesting materials !

Although Gizzy got here early we got chatting and were then late leaving to see Atticus for the annual pumpkin carving.

It's when you are late that everyone else around you seems to appear slower....Gizzy and I were sat at the zebra crossing for ages as Madam Ma'Zebra-Socks was sucking on a big chewy everton mint and took an age to get across the road....

Gizzy was all flustered up, nervy and impatient and rudely shouted ..."Move it Spotty!!!"....unfortunately the van window was open... (sigh)

"Spotty!???" sez I all bemused and confused to Gizzy..."why SPOTTY?!"...Gizzy wriggled in the driving seat and said .."Obviously she's called Spotty!!" and puffed in an exasperated kind of way. (???)


Jemmy Jim Jams was really tired out from all the wheelie dealing with the Hamper Supplies so she hopped off to see her very good friend Boo Boo Massou who lives on the sunny side of The Clumps Woodland in a big circular mud hut with a rushy grassy roof.

Boo Boo Massou is very friendly and warm natured and is all into massage and mystical healing. She is a big fluffy brown wild bunny with huge paws to match her jolly large personality. She always has interesting was an acorn headdress and feather and a conker necklace.

"Super Conkers!"  shouted Jemmy springing in the hut with a big bunch of daisies! Boo Boo Massou waved her fluffy paws in the air with excitement on seeing The Mafia Boss and went all giggerly and daft causing her grassy skirt to rustle. Jemmy had done a bit of bunny business a while back and ended up with a lot of coconut matting.. (Don't ask!) She knew Boo Boo Massou would love the coconut matting for her hut and in return gives Jemmy a free aromatherapy massage or paw rub when ever she likes.

Jemmy got chatting to Boo Boo Massou as the big fluffy bunny twiddled Jems flappy ear-oles. Jemmy soon discovered that Boo Boo Massou was having a Halloween Lantern Party at the Hut tomorrow night. She invited Jemmy to come and sent Bertie Bat to invite all the Moon Worshipping bunnies and the Kit Kat Gang too.

Bertie Bat is very small and squeaks in a high pitched way and has a little brown fluffy tummy. It's getting a bit nippy out for him now and Gizzy knitted him a scarf before he goes into hibernation. Boo Boo Massou will make sure Bertie has plenty to eat at the party as he's got to sleep a long time through the winter. the time Gizzy and I reached Atticus the old cat had already made his pumpkin lantern. Atti has a big gappy grin and long fangs which do look alarming but he's as soft as anything, you should never judge on looks. He had given his lantern the same gappy toothy grin!

We all had a cup of tea and Gizzy worked feverishly on her giant pumpkin. I made two small Pomegranate lanterns and got sticky pomegranate juice all up my fur.

Have fun carving your lanterns and I will be back soon to tell you all about the Halloween Party at Boo Boo Massou's Hut.

Watch your whiskers out there, Cheerie - pip and Ta Ta.

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