Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Movie n snoozie

Dearest Friends...I do hope you are all tickerty-boo this evening, thank you very much for reading my blog...

After yesterdays accident with the faulty Sat-Nav and dip in the lake Gizzy and I were really snoozy so we thought we would have a quiet day. Er what feeds me had gone to work so we thought a nice old black n white movie and some popcorn would be a splendid idea.

We settled down with a cuppa tea to watch one of 'er old films...'Brief Encounter' ...we know the words off by heart almost!

Well we munched all the popcorn n slurped all the tea....
....ZZzzzzzzzz....and we missed the end of the film as we both fell asleep!

Oh well...I do hope you are all safe in your nesting materials, sleep well and see you soon.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Gawn Fishing

Hello dearest blog readers, well...what a rainy ol bank holiday!

It has all been so busy recently what with Jon Bon Bunny visiting and all that malarky with the piglet possy...Gizzy and I thought it would be a grand idea to go fishing for a bit of peace n quiet.

We got all our kit together and was just heading off for the bus stop when Gizzy giggled...she got all excited as she had something to show me at Gizzy Whizzies Garage...

There before us was a rust bucket on wheels, a WW2 Motorbike and sidecar! It was completly rusted up but little Gizzy had put a drop of Tatty Schnappsie in the engine and it fired up with a bang and pop pop pop...

She had fitted it with one of the Sat-Navs that Jemmy had got off a ferret up the pub. It was difficult to operate as every time it hit a bump the language changed to Mandarin!

Not to worry though...we were off!! It made a terrible noise dear readers but we were really shifting. Suddenly we went a bit off road and a lot of mud n rubble flicked up and the Sat Nav went crazy.

"Brake Brake Brake", I yelled as the Sat Nav flew off the sidecar and we shot through the air...

...right off the end of a jetty into a lake! Gizzy couldnt swim BUT DO NOT FEAR dear readers, I got all my swimming badges and paddled my paws like a wild fing and got us back to dry land.

We caught the bus home and I cooked up fishfingers for Gizzy and made her a big mug of tea to get over the shock.

Its never dull dear readers! Learn to swim, it could save your whiskers!

Thank you for reading my blog and Ta Ta for now...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bunny be true...bunny be you..

Good Evening dear friends....today has been so exhausting pretending to be what we are not!

I cannot bake to save my whiskers and Gizzy cannot make jam so we had to dash orf to the shops all sneaky like and pretend we had made it all ourselves...

Jemmy has been hopping about the place with her brother Jon Bon Bunny trying to act like shes won prizes for flower arrangements and he has been waffling on about stamp collecting which sounded as wooley & muddled as our baloney...

Suddenly the Piglet Possy appeared wanting to see Jem for their next Rap & clay shooting session...well dear readers, they blew our cover by falling over into hysterical piglet laughter. Their trotters in the air and in fits of giggles at Jemmy in the pink frilly pinny...

Jon Bon Bunny got cross and told them off for laughing at his big sister ...Jem got wild & flung the frilly pink hat n pinny in the hedge....

"I'm sorry Jon Bon Bunny, I just ain't a soft frilly pink bunnykins ..I AM THE MAFIA GODMOTHER, this rabble 'ere are the Piglet Possy and I live with The Kit Kat Gang!" said Jemmy bouncing up n down all flustered up ...

To everyones relief Jon Bon Bunny threw off his tweedy waistcoat and red bow-tie and said, "I am the Leader of the Biker Bunnies and I never kept stamps in my life!".

I am happy to say he thought it was 'awesome' that Jemmy had built up such a Big Business and asked to see her machine gun! He opened up his wooden crate which we had thought had train spotters log books in and revealed a magnificent Harley Davidson Motorbike with electric blue paint and silver flames. Gizzy nearly fainted in awe at the engine and Jon Bon Bunny promised Gizzy a road trip! 

Well thank heavens for that dear readers, its better to be true to yourself else you can get into a right ol ka-fluffle.

See you again soon. good night and sleep well in your nesting materials...

The Arrival of Jon Bon Bunny

Dearest Blog Readers, I do hope you are all tickerty-boo this windy bank holiday. 'Er went fishing yesterday on the coast and come back looking like a drowned rat with no fish!

Its been all go in preparation for the arrival of Jems little brother..Jon Bon Bunny all the way from New Jersey, USA. We had to shift all the Mafia stuff out and do a complete disguise for Jemmy so she would look nuffink like a Mafia Godmother....

Here's a picture of Jemmy as normal chewing those disgusting smelly cigars and a picture of her in disguise. We didn't dare laugh at her in a frilly pink pinny n pink hat as she would have kicked orf big style. In fact....to be honest with you dear readers Jemmy is so stressed not being herself, we thought we better help her and change with her.....

Gizzy Whizzie took off her oily overalls and pretended to be a jam maker with the Cat Preserves n Condiments Movement. I baked cakes and put a poxy pink bow behind my ear'ole and the best...the best of all was Tatty!! We WASHED him dear readers and waxed his bandy whiskers into straight neat lines.

( I have to say...just between us that after we had got Tatty cleaned up he looked so like Angus the kitten from up the road!! ..it was really obvious but I didn't say anyfing!)

We were already then for the arrival of Jon Bon Bunny...
He turned up in a tweedy waist-coat with a yellow carnation and big red bow-tie. The curious thing was the big wooden crate....he told us it was his postage stamp collection and train spotting log books.

Call me a suspicious ol' whatsit dear readers but something didn't seem quite right....

See you tomorrow and bless you all....

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Scream

Dearest Blog Readers - I hope you are all very well, I'm afraid I'm a bit busy as rather too much going on in my tabby world...

The main 'do' is 'er what feeds me hasnt been too tip-top after the mission to London, so I've been caring for her..

Fortunatly 'er Mum is coming and they are going to get a lot of fresh air. It's a jolly good thing she's going out dear readers as Jemmy Jim Jams has left The Kit Kat Gang and I in a real ka-fluffle....

Jems little brother Jon-Bon Bunny from New Jersey is coming over and he doesnt know about her true identity as The Mafia Godmother. We have got to shift all Mafia stuff out and create a false identity for her all by tonight!!

I'm exhausted dear readers...we have been shifting HOT art work all night...they are very important to us...

The Irises by Vincent Van Gogh


The Scream by Edvard Munch

These are the last two that we have carted off up to Tattys Barn!

Wish me luck dear readers as I'm now moving explosives, grenades and a flame-thrower up the fields.

Take good care of yourselves and I will be back to tell you about Jon Bon Bunny....hang onto your whiskers and cheerie-pip.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Call of Duty

Dearest Readers - I do hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am going to be off air till the end of the week as we are being sent on a secondment to the 'Ol Smoke to protect 'er what feeds me.

Tatty will be in charge of rear support by road...

Gizzy is in charge of support from on high...

Its a long complicated story...too long to go into but some folk are terrified of snakes or spiders or flying or public speaking.etc etc etc.....ITS ALL IN THE MIND! ...'Er has been doing Battle for over 10 years with fears of crowds and being trapped. So going up to busy ol' London in the morning rush is a real ka-fluffle for a country bumpkin like 'er.

Jemmy the Godmother Mafia Rabbit and I are providing close ground support...

 We know she is struggling as she has already started singing Wuthering Heights and checking her marble collection. We have a treat for her when she gets home from London as we are all going up Glastonbury Tor which for those who don't know is a very windy wide open space with magic in the air...

POWER TO YOU ALL OUT THERE WITH BATTLES .. YOU CAN WIN...Watch your whiskers and bless you all.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Losing One's Marbles

Good morning dearest readers, do hope you are all tickerty-boo this sunny Saturday.

I was just pottering along, minding my own whiskers when I heard a bit of wailing and sniffing. I found Angus, the small marmalade kitten from up the road crying and looking all around the grass.

When he saw me, he said, "Oh Idgie, I've lost my marbles, I can't find them anywhere". I sez to him, "Where have you been?".

Angus said he'd been everywhere! Across the fields, up at Tatty's Barn, and it was only just now that he realised that he'd got a big hole in his marble bag.

Now, I'd heard Professor Atticus say on quite a few occasions the losing of one's marbles was a serious business and you can end up in the Home of the Bewildered.

So, we went hot paw over to Atticus' House to tell him what had happened. When we arrived, Atticus said, "How lovely to see you, let's have a nice cuppa tea!". Atticus had got some colourful cushions to rest our wolley behinds on and the wise old gentlemen listened to Angus' woeful tale of losing his marbles.

Atticus said, "sometimes in this life things can be very hard and one could lose a few marbles along the way but a cuppa tea and nice company can always save the day. It just so happens, little Angus, I've got an old treacle pot full of marbles that I will give to you".

Angus was so happy, the old treacle pot was full of beautiful multi-coloured marbles- Angus said "Thank you...thank you very much!"

All was well again, so take care of your pals and your own marbles and see you again soon...Cheerie-pip & Ta Ta.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hairy Scary!

Good Evening dearest friends, I hope your day went well...mine didn't start well ....take the weight of your paws and I'll tell you all about it.

I was just in the middle of knitting Gizzy Whizzie a nice fluffy pink scarf to wear for when she is doing her flying lessons. She's only little and something woolley would be good to keep her warm...when suddenly the boss appeared.

Now I expect you have experienced this dearest readers but sometimes a boss can be really friendly and you think ...she's alright... and the next thing you know she's in a snotty mood! Well I'm real loyal to the Mafia Godmother but I have to grit my gnashers sometimes!

She launched into some rant about the Kit Kat Gang going soft...we are meant to be tough and show our teeth n claws n all that malarky. I kind of switched off then and I could just see her bouncing up and down and her whiskers all twangy. In my mind I could hear the music from the Magic Roundabout when suddenly I was aware of Jemmy again...she said..."You lot couldn't scare me in a million years...YOU LOT COULDNT EVEN SCARE AN ANT !!"

With that she hopped off thank goodness but it had got up my nose dear readers!

Well I assembled the Kit-Kat Gang for revenge and I told them we were going to give Jemmy a BIG SCARE just to prove a point that we are the BEST Kit-Kat Gang.

I asked Atticus to get an orange and make some big orange fangs out of the peel. Atti has the most alarming fangs anyway but he's so kind and lovely...never judge folk on looks if you can help it!!

Tatty was sent to get a wooden crate and Gizzy was sent to get a flash light and two broom handles.

I nipped into the Rectory and kind of borrowed the Vicars big black rain mac and some gardening gloves....

We then put it all together and waited...and waited...I knew the bookies would be shutting soon so Jem would be hopping along...

Well we gave her a massive fright...oooo yes we did!! Trouble is the ol rabbit keeled over.
I could hear some high pitched laughing and I peered down and saw...

Adam Ant - no not the famous singer! - Adam the Wood Ant was laughing. Jem was right, we didnt even scare an ant but we had scared The Godmother Mafia rabbit good n proper.

I felt a sudden pang of guilt and gently squeezed Jems paw and waited for her to open her big brown bunny peepers.

Never fear dear blog readers the ol rabbit came round and congratulated us on being the most alarming and terrifying Kit-Gang in the World..I think she was quite proud!

Sleep well in your nesting materials & see you soon...

Monday, 16 May 2011

A Tennis Tale

Good Evening to you all, I hope you are all settled down in your nesting materials as it's nippy tonight.

It's been a busy and eventful day - get yourselves a cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it...

This morning Gizzy and I took little Angus the marmalade kitten strawberry picking, now there are not many strawberries about just yet but soon will be - Tatty Mudflinger & Jemmy are on a money spinning idea to supply Wimbledon with strawberries so they got a secret polly-tunnel on the go....but it's not that secret coz we found it! He He...we only took a few and Tatty wouldn't mind.

We then went for a tennis game, now I'm not into all this fitness malarky but I don't mind a bit of pit-pat and strawberries. Little Angus guarded the strawberries and volunteered to be our ball boy.

 All was going well when the ball bounced off and rolled into an old tree stump. Little Angus took his job very seriously and sprang after the ball....

Now what we didn't know dearest blog readers was that Aubrey the Adder was sun bathing on the stump and he has a terrible attitude problem!

The key thing you need to know dear blog readers is if you ever comes across Aubrey Adder is he has a poisonous bite! That's No.1 key info, you also know an Adder from the zig zag stripes and they loves sunbathing. Normally if they hears you they squiggles orf smartish as most are shy but if you comes flying through the undergrowth all eager after a tennis ball an Aubrey Adder can turn real nasty!

Poor Angus thought he'd had his chips dear readers and he was shaking with terror!

Never fear ! I am not Idgie the Wild Cat MacVity for nuffink, Ive been trained by the Rabbit Mafia Godmother so I soon got a grip!!

Nobody... Nobody tries to bite Angus without being tied up in a Granny Knot! I told Aubrey he was lucky I'd got him by the neck and not Jemmy Jim Jams. ...

Drama or what dear readers!? I've told you before and I will always remind you to Watch your Whiskers out there!
After that traumatic ka-fluffle we all went home and we had strawberries for pud which is indeed a jolly good end to the day.

Snuggle down now and see you all soon...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pond Dipping

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I do hope you have all had a great weekend.

As promised I will tell you what happened when Angus the small marmalade kitten and I met Atticus at the Abbey Pond. Angus told us he had seen an alien with a bright spotty orange belly n warts n boggley eyes!

I must say I was a little bit anxious peering over the edge of the pond as the way Angus was going on the alien sounded scary!
Atticus came with his pond book and whilst Angus and I looked into the water trying to peer through the weeds old Atticus was chuckling away....
SUDDENLY the alien appeared with a load of bubbles - it was sticking out its tongue which was a shock ...and a bit rude!!

It turned out dearest readers it was a very naughty Great Crested Newt and they be really rare so I guess we were kind of lucky to see him. He didn't hang about for a natter.

It got a bit nippy out so we all went home for a cuppa tea.

Good Night to you all and THANK YOU for reading my little blog ...see you soon ....

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wishy Washy

Good Afternoon dearest friends, do hope you are all tickerty-boo.

Er what feeds me has been hyper ratticus with the shower for a few weeks as it kept conking out. When you are trying to get to work and your fur is full of shampoo and you got soap in your peepers and freezing your whiskers off..... its a right malarky!

Enough was enough the other morning as 'er came flying out of the bathroom like a foaming yeti, soap up er nose and circling the bedroom like some caffeine fueled mad bat. Er was all wild waving and much fluffing this and fluffing that...bleep bleep bliperty bleep...

...so I called the plumber!

We all waited our turn to use the new shower and 'er is over the moon with it!

I was just drying my whiskers when there was a knock knock at the door...just typical! On the doorstep was Angus the small marmalade cat from up the road. He was all bouncy and excited and breathless from running all the way from the Old Abbey Ponds. Everyone knows that I am always looking for UFO's so I was all wide peepered when Angus said he had found an alien in the pond!
I phoned Professor Atticus as he is all into Astronomy and said we would meet him at the ponds as soon as our paws could get there....

Ill tell you all about it tomorrow dearest blog readers...

Cheerie-pip & see you soon....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kamikaze Cat

Good Evening dear friendly blog readers, do hope you are all tickerty-boo.

We have been really busy as its Ferret Racing Season and it was all panic as nobody could find the drain pipes from last year that the ferrets race along. Jemmy sent us off on a Grab Job for a drain pipe and we found one just holding up a bit of old guttering at the Rectory so we borrowed it kind of thing.
Well Im happy to say Jemmy had some inside info on the runners and won enough crinkle to buy us all a drink.

Watch your whiskers out there and look out for your pals.

Good Night & Bless you all.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Go GaGa !!!

Oooo Dearest blog readers thank you for smurfing the web and tuning into my whisker waves. I'm sorry I have been off line but 'er what feeds me has been so cream-crackered I had sympathetic vibes and fell asleep all day!

I was awoken by Gizzy coaxing me out of slumber with the waggle n waft of a big smoked kipper.

She said " Idgie you are LATE for Jemmy Jim Jams Tribute to Lady GaGa up at the barn - didn't you read the invitation?"

Gizzy shot off up the field and Ooo eck dear friends, I hadn't read it all through fully but it was something about being dressed in a kipper and wearing sunglasses.... I think...

I managed to put together a kipper dress in two seconds. Although my tabby legs are short I can move low to the ground faster than a heat seeking missile when in peril!

The peril would be the wrath of the rabbit if I didn't get there on time to hear her speech!

I scrambled in the barn just by a gnats whisker to hear Jemmy shout...." If you don't like Lady GaGa - then GO HOME!!!!"

The laser show that Gizzy had wired up then whizzled into action spinning lights n flashing, we all put our sunglasses on and sang...

OOOO La - OOo La La La - Ga Ga Oooo La La La - I WANT YOUR LURVE!!

Everyone had got kipper ties it turned out so dear readers ...ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT, although I was the only one dressed in a kipper dress I think Lady GaGa would have loved it!

Watch your whiskers out there and Cheerie -Pip!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rabbit Rap

Ooo I'm a tad weary dearest blog readers as 'er what feeds me has been awake long before the flappers n busiers get tweeting n hopping about!

I have to tell you about Jemmy Jim Jams, my boss! She only thinks she's a Gangster Rabbit Rapper now. She has been taking care of the Piglet Possy so their Mum could have a Spa Day - get her trotters pollished n all that malarky!

Anyway, someone daft advised Jem to get a hoodie but as you can see it is way too big but I dare not say anything as she thinks she is really cool but as you can imagine its hard to challenge a Godmother Mafia Rabbit.

This is the Rabbit Rap... (sigh)

Wake up - Wake up!
Look up n shake your butt
Watch your whiskers on der streets
Check out this piglet beat

Im der Big Bad Bunny
Love hangin' with my honiez
Wake up - Wake up!
Look up n shake your butt

Eat your greens - dont be mean
Keep your gnashers clean
Watch your whiskers on der street
Check out this piglet beat.....OOooooo Yerrr!

Well, there isnt much more I can add after that racket dearest readers, please dont be put off coming back!

I'm orf for a snooze Zzzzzzzz - Cheerie Pip

Monday, 2 May 2011


Good Morning dearest Blog Readers and thank you very much for popping in to see me. I do hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday.

Professor Atticus came to see us today and he is so interesting, he has travelled the world and reads a lot of books.

He always says with gusto with his specs perched on the end of his little pink nose.. 'Share your knowledge, it's a way to achieve immortality!'

I wasn't sure what he meant and he is always very kind and speaks tabby fluently so translated to me it means if you know a whole load of stuff but keep it to yourself, what's the good of that if you snuffs it and nobody got to learn anything from you.

Today he talked about Totem Poles and we thought we would make a Live Totem. Fearless Rat went at the top held up by little Angus who has conquered his fear of heights.

The Piglet Possy are still a cheeky rabble but they take good care of their Mum now and have been teaching their Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams  the Art of Rap Music..

Open your mind to new things and as always watch your whiskers out there.

Bless you all and cheerie-pip.