Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rabbit Rap

Ooo I'm a tad weary dearest blog readers as 'er what feeds me has been awake long before the flappers n busiers get tweeting n hopping about!

I have to tell you about Jemmy Jim Jams, my boss! She only thinks she's a Gangster Rabbit Rapper now. She has been taking care of the Piglet Possy so their Mum could have a Spa Day - get her trotters pollished n all that malarky!

Anyway, someone daft advised Jem to get a hoodie but as you can see it is way too big but I dare not say anything as she thinks she is really cool but as you can imagine its hard to challenge a Godmother Mafia Rabbit.

This is the Rabbit Rap... (sigh)

Wake up - Wake up!
Look up n shake your butt
Watch your whiskers on der streets
Check out this piglet beat

Im der Big Bad Bunny
Love hangin' with my honiez
Wake up - Wake up!
Look up n shake your butt

Eat your greens - dont be mean
Keep your gnashers clean
Watch your whiskers on der street
Check out this piglet beat.....OOooooo Yerrr!

Well, there isnt much more I can add after that racket dearest readers, please dont be put off coming back!

I'm orf for a snooze Zzzzzzzz - Cheerie Pip

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