Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wishy Washy

Good Afternoon dearest friends, do hope you are all tickerty-boo.

Er what feeds me has been hyper ratticus with the shower for a few weeks as it kept conking out. When you are trying to get to work and your fur is full of shampoo and you got soap in your peepers and freezing your whiskers off..... its a right malarky!

Enough was enough the other morning as 'er came flying out of the bathroom like a foaming yeti, soap up er nose and circling the bedroom like some caffeine fueled mad bat. Er was all wild waving and much fluffing this and fluffing that...bleep bleep bliperty bleep... I called the plumber!

We all waited our turn to use the new shower and 'er is over the moon with it!

I was just drying my whiskers when there was a knock knock at the door...just typical! On the doorstep was Angus the small marmalade cat from up the road. He was all bouncy and excited and breathless from running all the way from the Old Abbey Ponds. Everyone knows that I am always looking for UFO's so I was all wide peepered when Angus said he had found an alien in the pond!
I phoned Professor Atticus as he is all into Astronomy and said we would meet him at the ponds as soon as our paws could get there....

Ill tell you all about it tomorrow dearest blog readers...

Cheerie-pip & see you soon....

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