Monday, 30 May 2011

Gawn Fishing

Hello dearest blog readers, well...what a rainy ol bank holiday!

It has all been so busy recently what with Jon Bon Bunny visiting and all that malarky with the piglet possy...Gizzy and I thought it would be a grand idea to go fishing for a bit of peace n quiet.

We got all our kit together and was just heading off for the bus stop when Gizzy giggled...she got all excited as she had something to show me at Gizzy Whizzies Garage...

There before us was a rust bucket on wheels, a WW2 Motorbike and sidecar! It was completly rusted up but little Gizzy had put a drop of Tatty Schnappsie in the engine and it fired up with a bang and pop pop pop...

She had fitted it with one of the Sat-Navs that Jemmy had got off a ferret up the pub. It was difficult to operate as every time it hit a bump the language changed to Mandarin!

Not to worry though...we were off!! It made a terrible noise dear readers but we were really shifting. Suddenly we went a bit off road and a lot of mud n rubble flicked up and the Sat Nav went crazy.

"Brake Brake Brake", I yelled as the Sat Nav flew off the sidecar and we shot through the air...

...right off the end of a jetty into a lake! Gizzy couldnt swim BUT DO NOT FEAR dear readers, I got all my swimming badges and paddled my paws like a wild fing and got us back to dry land.

We caught the bus home and I cooked up fishfingers for Gizzy and made her a big mug of tea to get over the shock.

Its never dull dear readers! Learn to swim, it could save your whiskers!

Thank you for reading my blog and Ta Ta for now...

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