Sunday, 8 May 2011

Go GaGa !!!

Oooo Dearest blog readers thank you for smurfing the web and tuning into my whisker waves. I'm sorry I have been off line but 'er what feeds me has been so cream-crackered I had sympathetic vibes and fell asleep all day!

I was awoken by Gizzy coaxing me out of slumber with the waggle n waft of a big smoked kipper.

She said " Idgie you are LATE for Jemmy Jim Jams Tribute to Lady GaGa up at the barn - didn't you read the invitation?"

Gizzy shot off up the field and Ooo eck dear friends, I hadn't read it all through fully but it was something about being dressed in a kipper and wearing sunglasses.... I think...

I managed to put together a kipper dress in two seconds. Although my tabby legs are short I can move low to the ground faster than a heat seeking missile when in peril!

The peril would be the wrath of the rabbit if I didn't get there on time to hear her speech!

I scrambled in the barn just by a gnats whisker to hear Jemmy shout...." If you don't like Lady GaGa - then GO HOME!!!!"

The laser show that Gizzy had wired up then whizzled into action spinning lights n flashing, we all put our sunglasses on and sang...

OOOO La - OOo La La La - Ga Ga Oooo La La La - I WANT YOUR LURVE!!

Everyone had got kipper ties it turned out so dear readers ...ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT, although I was the only one dressed in a kipper dress I think Lady GaGa would have loved it!

Watch your whiskers out there and Cheerie -Pip!

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