Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jemmy (The Godmother) and Idgie the Cat

Here is a picture of the boss that I thought you might like to see. 'Er what feeds me has just dragged herself in the door from work looking more cross eyed n boggled than usual - I better go make her a cuppa tea or The Home for the Bewildered will take her away which may disrupt my dinner timetable and we can't have that!

Watch your whiskers and sleep well.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Good Evening Everyone

Good Evening everyone..

'Er what feeds me has just hopped in the door chuntering and has gawn to take care of that big blister she got yesterday...there has been no mention of all that fitness foolery since the blister so alls well..Ha Ha!

Now to understand me a little better I need to go back when I was a little kitten. 'Er was out on one of those mad random adventures she's fond of and as the story goes she discovered a black and white rabbit being held captive in a fish did read that was all very mysterious and 'er being a soft ol' bumpkin and a defender of all woolly creatures fell for the sob story...

The rabbit was rescued and came home to live with us and was named 'Jemmy Jim-Jams'. Little did we know that unwittingly 'er had rescued the notorious gangland leader and diabolical mastermind...'The Godmother' of all rabbits! She chewed baccy in preference to cabbage and kept a machine gun under her hutch.

Whilst 'er what fed us was out I got persuaded to assist The Godmother as head of the Kit-Kat Gang and I became known as 'Idgie - the wildcat - MacVity.'

This is a rather distorted photo from the archives of the Kit-Kat Gang before a raid in 2004, you can tell its distorted as I look so round...which is I've said, I have short tabby legs.

Well Bless you all and sleep well in your nesting material, talk to you again soon.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Idgie Cat Poem written by Jess

Idgie is round,
But moves fast on the ground,
She has a tail that flicks
And blueberry licks,
She's ratty but catty,
Rodents ka-splatty,
She's stripey & wiley,
Grumpy and smiley,
I love 'er - I love 'er
I am the Cats Mother

Sshhhh - Genius at work

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