Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wet n Windy

Greetings dearest friends, I do hope you are all in the warmth and dry of your nesting materials - it truly is what Tatty Mudflinger would call baked bean weather!

We lost our signal on the whisker waves so yours truly and the intrepid Gizzy Whizzie scaled the roof tiles to deal with the technologicals. We had to put rescue arm-bands on Gizzy and wrap a quick save placky bag on her head to keep the rain off. Gizzy exclaimed we got water in our aerial!

The only solution was to waggle it!

We can now bring you the Idgie the Cat blog down your whisker waves.

I wrapped Gizzy up in a big fluffy towel and we had a mega big cup of tea and jammy dodger biccies to recover.

Watch your whiskers out there and keep your paws dry! Taa Taa

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Good afternoon dearest blog readers...

After the palaver with the horse box conking out yesterday we managed to get the waggon towed back to Gizzy Whizzies Garage late last night. Gizzy went all over the engine as she is the best mechanic and she turned up something very peculiar. The exhaust pipe had been stuffed with two large winter birdie fatty food balls, a ball of garden twine and a gawn off banana... Sabotage reckons Gizzy! Someone dodgy didn't want Sherbert to race. These are the perils of being in the Mafia Business, you need to watch your whiskers out there!

It's been sunny today but oooh when I scampered out the door the cold whistled round my fluffy behind and my whiskers went twangy so I scuttled off to see Atticus in the warmth of the Observatory.

Atticus always makes a lovely cup of tea and we played scrabble together...

I never win as Atti always comes up with super long words like 'nebulous'! He is such a kind ol' chappy as he let me have words like Grrrr, Jem & Giz as I had some really tough letter tiles.

Jemmy has gone out and got a bird table and has been hanging birdie food up all around, she may be a tough ol Mafia Godmother but she loves wild fings!

Keep in the warm everybody and sleep well in your nesting materials...Taa Taa

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grand National

Good afternoon dearest blog readers - well....I say good but it has been a bit of a drama actually..

Sherbert the Race Horse was meant to be running in The Grand National in his Fruit Gum Flyer Legwarmers today but the Horse Box started to rumble n stutter 10 miles outside of Aintree. It spluttered and coughed itself into a halt. Gizzy Whizzie leapt out for her tools and I jacked up the waggon. Sherbert kept turning the engine over and dabbing the accelerator with his hoof but no luck!! We had truly conked out.

I was really edgy as Jemmy Jim Jams has been up at the Race Course for the last couple of days casing the joint and picking up all the tips - I know she was expecting us to arrive...(gulp).

However we didn't need to worry! The ol' rabbit had taken an empty case with her as she was so confident of winning lots of crinkly cabbage!

I don't know how she does it but the Mafia Godmother chose 'Neptune Collonges' and hopped off hot paw with the winning slip to collect the dosh!

So all's well that end's well  ... Taa Taa.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Three Degrees....

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I do hope you haven't got the after Easter Holiday Blues?

Jemmy Jim Jams was a bit low after all the excitement, so she threw herself into her Mafia work by blowing the fluff off her oil paints.

She has been working on a lot of knock off Iris paintings recently and she has got pretty good I  have to say - especially with the ol ' paint splatting n mixing - it wasn't painting by numbers or nuffink simple, this was a good racket - its genuine Van Gogh says Jemmy!

Trouble is dear readers, the painting with the white iris symbolises feeling lonely and poor ol Jemmy has had droopy whiskers ever since Katya Hoppenorf  flew off in her little plane on a secret mission. There had been no word. Due to all the white Irises on the works I was getting to the ol' boss. I suggested she have a go at some knock off sunflowers instead but Jemmy spun round and insisted Gizzy and I accompany her out for Stinger Cocktails and karaoke instead!

Jemmy chose for us to be The Three Degrees at Karaoke and sing When will I see you again....

Gizzy and I did mainly the OOooooo's  and the Ahrrrrrr bits...which was lucky as the lyrics were kind of tiny n wobberly....or maybe it was The Stingers n glacier cherries that made it look distorted!

When Will I See You Again

Ooooo ---Ahhrr - Ahhrrr---Oooooo
Precious moments

When will I see you again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through?

When will I see you again?
When will our hearts beat together?
Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?

When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?

Precious moments

Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?

When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?

Jemmy had a few too may Stinger Cocktails so Gizzy and I carried the boss back to the burrow and tucked her safely into bed. ZZzzzzz

Sleep well in your nesting materials and keep smiling. Cheerie-pip

Monday, 9 April 2012

Good Afternoon from Gizzy Whizzie

Hello - Hello friends of the Idgie the Cat blog! This is Gizzy Whizzie here tuning into the Idgie the Cat Techno Waves on this rainy ol' Easter Monday.

Now don't you get your fur all fluffed up with strife, Idgie is very well but may have slightly over done it at The Clumps yesterday. You see..the Hot Cross Bun Machine got clogged up with fruity currants n candy peel late afternoon, so Idgie crawled up the suction pipe to clear the blockage but due to Idgie having already tested many of the Hot Cross Buns she herself got stuck. There was a big ol bulge in the piping, but with help from Atticus, I crawled along with my spanner and managed to unbolt and unbung it. As lovely as it was to have so many buns this year I for one can safely say I don't wish to see another  Easter Hot Cross Bun until next ....Christmas... as you know that's when they will appear in the shops!

Er what feeds Idgie scooped her up  and the last words Idgie muttered before dozing off was...

Keep me warm...Keep me fed...Let me sleep upon your head....

So there endeth the Easter Bank Holiday . I know Idgie (if she were awake) would wish you all well in your nesting materials and Cheerie-pip 'til next time.

Over n Out.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hot Cross Buns!

Happy Easter dearest friends, I hope you are all very well and that the Easter Bunny has left you something sweet to nibbley nibble on. I received a catnip egg that WAS wrapped in a beautiful sparkly purple wrapper..yum yum.

Now I will tell you what we have all been up to since sun up. As you know Atticus has designed a special Easter Invention for the Bongo Drumming Bunnies - The Kit Kat Gang have been acquiring the peculiar array of parts that match his drawing specifications.

The oven has been borrowed from Boo Boo Massoue who is very excited and happy to help us.
However, the gas bottles were a little tricky to acquire but Jemmy and I went by cover of darkness into the Happy Clappy Sunshine Caravan Park where the Vicar is staying and whipped two large gas bottles and rolled them away.

Jemmy and Gizzy borrowed a tank from a few of our heroes and transported all the things up the steep hill to the Clumps Woodland, they had sourced industrial sized packs of flour, butter and mixed fruit.

Whilst we assembled Atticus' invention, The Mystical Moon Worshipping Bunnies did colourful egg rolling and played their Bongo Drums. Boo Boo Massoe arrived a little later after adjusting her daffodil Easter hat and enthusiastically accompanied the bunnies on some bright pink maracas.

AND NOW the Grand Opening of The Raining Hot Cross Bun Machine...Tah-Dah!!!!

Isn't it amazing! Atti wanted to tell you all the complicated algebraic formula's and Pythagoras involved but he was way too busy legging it about with our fishing net catching raining Hot Cross Buns. In tabby cat language I heave - hoo the mixed dried fruit and other ingredients with the spade from the rectory shed into the tumble drier. Tatty Mudflinger pedals as fast as he can to generate the power to mix it all up. The mixture is then sucked up into the tank where Gizzy Whizzie rolls n crosses the buns which are then sucked up into the gas oven. The hot cross Buns are then fired missile style up into the Um-Pa Pa Horn and zoomed high into the air for all of us to catch !

Wow - What a lark it's been!! I'm a bit puffed out!

What a super Easter and I hope you all have a very happy day!!

Although, I have heard the good news that Tatty's "chicks" have hatched ...

He He!...but as I always need to watch your whiskers out there. Taa Taa!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Atti & Tatty

Good Evening dearest friends and thank you very much for tuning into my whisker waves.

I'm rather excited about tomorrow as Jemmy Jim Jams is preparing something explosive for Easter Sunday up at The Clumps on the hill. The Mystical Moon Worshipping Bunnies believe Jemmy to be THE Easter Rabbit. They provide such an excellent Bongo Drumming Communication Network for the Rabbit Mafia - Jemmy is happy to be their mystical leader once a year.

Due to the recent Inter Burrow Bongo Alert System being very successful at warning Soapy Suds Junior of the Raid on the family laundry business, Jemmy felt it fitting to thank the Bongo Drumming Bunnies for their loyalty by providing some exciting entertainment.

Jemmy went to see our own dear ol' Professor Atticus Caticus and asked him to invent a secret Easter Surprise for the bunnies. All I can tell you dear readers is the Kit Kat Gang will be assembling the invention early in the morning, so if you want to know what Atti had designed - tune into my whisker waves when the birdies n busiers start at sun up tomorrow!

Due to some recent fuel problems Jemmy Jim Jams has flogged almost the last drip of schnappsie fuel. Tatty Mudflinger has been getting prepared to knock up the next dangerous whisker twanging fur frizzling batch of what was originally a killer moonshine! Tatty was on his way home from the barn and he met Monty 'the bargain' Grabba who is a ferret acquaintance of Jems from the pub. He sells knock off stuff and can get anything you could ever wish for ...anyway, he was in an alarming flustery rush and he passed a small checkered handkerchief with three eggs in it to Tatty Mudflinger and said he could have them all for free!! Tatty didn't have time to say thank you as Monty had legged it down the embankment and away.

Tatty could hear rattling from inside the eggs and he thought he would take them home to hatch. Lavinia  and the Marmalade kittens would love to see the chicks hatch out he thought so he was rather pleased with himself as he meandered his way home for his tea.

Now...don't forget to tune in tomorrow dear friends to see what Atticus has designed for the Moon Worshipping Bunnies, it'll be fun!

Sleep well in your nesting materials and cheerie-pip for now.

Thank You Dr.Lee

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers - I do hope you are all very well on this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

It's been an eventful few weeks!

Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother was informed via the inter-burrow bongo drums just a whisker in time that the Mafia Laundering Business up in York was about to be raided!

The laundry business was being run by her young nephew known to us all as Soapy Suds Junior who is a small black n white bunny very much like the gaffer.

Just before the raid Soapy managed to scarper under the back hedge with his washing basket, powder n pegs. As he scampered, he was hampered by the large soap powder box which was trailing powder for the Rozzers to follow. Flinging the pegs and laundry basket in the air he ran across Hob Moor and dived breathless and frightened into a thicket beneath a holly tree.

The heat was on but fortunately for Soapy a certain kind person known as Dr. Lee was crossing Hob Moor. After careful negotiation of barb wire and holly prickles Soapy Suds Junior was securely stashed up the good doctors jersey and has been moved to a safe house!

Thank you very much indeed Dr. Lee for your kind intervention and rescue of young Soapy Suds and rest assured that you are now considered one of the family and under rabbit mafia protection!

I will be blogging again this evening so keep tuned in and see you soon! Ta Taa!