Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kit Kat Gang Photo

Dearest readers, I thought you might like to see this photo ...

Some of us in The Kit Kat Gang today being snoozie....

Top left is Charlie the Charmer, Bottom left is Gizzy Whizzie, top middle and top right is Inky & Boo who are Gizzy Whizzies big brothers from the garage and bottom middle is me.

Cheerie - pip

Sunny Sunday

Dearest Blog Readers - Hello and thank you for tuning into my electro-waves or whatever you call it..

What a beautiful sunny Sunday its been...

Er what feeds me did a bit of writing by the River Thames today and promptly dozed off. It was a lovely breeze on the riverbank and quiet... Gizzy and Atticus were fast asleep Zzzzz

A little red damselfly flew straight over Gizzy Whizzies nose but she didn't wake up.

Atticus was so tired too as he spent yesterday with the Piglet Possy making a pig shaped kite and they were fighting over who got to paint it and who would fly it, a right ka-fluffle for the old cat. We all passed Petunia and the Piglet Possy this morning as they are all going for a picnic up at The Clumps. Petunia was covering their pink snouts with sun tan cream as they burn quick in the sun. They had the kite with them so I hoped the day would not end up in a tangly knot...or worse!

Jemmy is in her bunker below Tatty Mudflingers barn counting up all the Crinkly Cabbage we made with Strawberry Sales at Wimbledon. I'm mighty glad to be honest dear readers to have cleared the strawberry stash as I'm kind of sick of eating them.


I heard a small boat engine coming up the river and saw Captain Paddy O'Sullivan waving his paw at me from his new boat. His old wooden boat had a mysterious attack of wood-worm and sank but I'm happy to say this new boat is made of fibre-glass. He won it in a poker game with the ferrets up at the Poachers Pot Pub. He called his boat The Emerald K-9...I guess its Emerald because of his Irish roots or maybe its the colour I will turn if I go a board as this new boat is sea worthy.

Tatty took a bath...( ooo what a blessing to us all!)...and dressed up smart to see Angus' Mum who is called Lavinia. He took flowers dear blog readers ...I knew something was going on!!! Well lets hope that goes well for them.

Well we were all just rolling up the blanket and leaving the riverbank with 'er what feeds me when Atticus saw something kind of familiar far up in the sky. We all squinted to see a flying pink pig kite...

Oo dear oh dear and scrawled over it in Purple Paint for all the world to see was the alarming piglet words..... 'Pig Orf'....(sigh) ...those Piglets are such a rabble honestly dear readers, no doubt they are in piglet hysteria up at The Clumps!

Well I must be going now to snaffle my tea, take good care out there, sleep well in your nesting materials and bless you all.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Dearest Friends - I do hope you are all tickerty boo this evening, I'm on a little break from Strawberry duty so I thought Id update you all about the goings on at Wimbledon other than the Tennis!

Jemmy & Tatty have come up with a Champion...No! Not a tennis player ....A Strawberry Champagne! Its been going down brilliantly and Tatty has been trialing Strawberry Crepes with a secret boozy sauce and cream.

I only tried a tiddly sipsey of Champagne as I wanted to keep my wits about me in the Wimbledon Grandstand. You see I haven't been officially let in to flog all these strawberry meringue nests so I have to do a bit of weaving n wheelie dealing to dodge security! Its going well as Ive shifted LOADS of strawberries, Jemmy will be pleased!

Little Gizzy has been selling Strawberry Smoothies and milkshakes and I think we have won Wimbledon already in Strawberry Sales!

Enjoy the tennis and I will try to stop snaffling the stock!

Good Night and bless you all.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Family Gathering

Dearest blog readers , I do hope you are all very well on this day.

(This is written for know who you are....)

Gizzy shot out of the garage into the rain as she spotted Atticus with his umbrella up with lightning coming down which is never a good idea! "Come into the garage Atticus", she said and just then through the storm clouds flew vultures! Big dark flappy vultures with pointy beaks n boggley eyes n long knobberly claws.  They were circling and Gizzy didn't like the look of it one bit.

They ran into Gizzy Whizzies Garage to get right out of the way. What on earth are they doing round here wondered Gizzy. Atticus sat down and explained it was in fact a Family Gathering...and the Vultures were in fact relations of Jemmy & me...

See...Ye Olde Coat of Arms....
Well dear blog readers, you sometimes cannot help where you come from or the past BUT luckily you can choose your friends!!

All the best in battle and watch your whiskers out there.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Trouble with Tullulah

Good Evening dearest blog followers! Your Idgie Cat is back and what a great big ka-fluffle its been since we last communicated!

Go make yourself a nice cuppa tea and stick your paws in the air and I will tell you all about it.

'Er what feeds me has got a funeral to attend next week so its been up to me to take care of my boss Jemmy Jim Jams who was concussed last week by a low flying cauliflower! The things that happen round here, it sounds like a farce doesn't it!? It is very important to Tatty and I that Jemmy gets back to normal as we have got to shift all the strawberries and do business deals for the strawberry supply at Wimbledon next week.

I also wanted to find out WHY the ol' tough-nut bunny boss got knocked out by a cauliflower.

Atticus supplied the answer...he was giving Astronomy Lessons to the Piglet Possy, Fearless Rat and Angus the Kitten last week and asked them to each bring certain fruit and vegetables to represent the solar system...

Petunia the Piglets long suffering Mum put the fruit and veg in the order of the planets and all was going splendidly until...Tullulah Piglet got bored! She started chewing gum and giving it all the Tut Tut and Omigawd attitude. She grabbed the planet Jupiter (the cauliflower) and lobbed it squealing with hysterics shouting "Look - Look its a Comet!!!"

What nobody realised was the low flying Jupiter whizzled through a bramble thicket and whacked Jemmy Jim Jams on the bonce!

Atticus is a soft ol' gentle cat and couldn't cope with the likes of Tullulah the Piglet so I  had to sort it out.

She didn't seem to give a monkeys whatsit at first that she had concussed the Mafia Godmother with the Planet Jupiter so she was told to think carefully before lobbing things as there are consequences...

We sent her to The Prince of India Restaurant to do all the washing up for our good friend Persia the Chef. She wasn't laughing then dear blog readers as she was up to her trotters in mucky plates n pans!

The GOOD NEWS is....

...the boss is getting better! I mean shes started chewing on those revolting stinky cigars and has rather taken to Tae Kwon Do so Id say she nearly back to normal just in time for wheelie -dealing with the Wimbledon Strawberry Supplies!

Life is hard that's for sure, watch your whiskers out there dear friends and Ta Ta !

Friday, 17 June 2011


Good Day to Friends of Idgie the Cat !

My name is Charlie the Charmer and I have been asked by Idgie to continue the transmission to the World of the Idgie the Cat Blog.

I cannot work the smurfing web and all these buttons, but Able Assistant Angus is here to lend a paw, waggle the aerial and tinker with all things technological.

Idgie is very sorry not to be here herself but is dedicated to the care of Jemmy Jim Jams after she was mysteriously concussed by a low flying cauliflower last week.

Jemmy has regained consciousness but believes she has awoken to the light as some kind of Guru.

She's been doing Tai-Chi with The Kit-Kat Gang, drinking Jasmine Tea and watching Bruce Lee.

Idgie hopes to resume her normal blog service soon but insists you all watch your whiskers out there as you never know if a low flying cauliflower will knock your lights out!

Very Best Wishes to You All! Toodlepip

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Revenge...of the wood worm..?

Hello dearest blog readers, today has been a bit grim to tell the truth but I know I can talk to you about it..

It all started early this morning when my boss Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother got a phone call .....

I knew it must be bad news by the way she twisted in the office seat. The phone informant had told Jemmy that a family of those Mystic Moon Worshipping Bunnies up at The Clumps Woodland had been done in by some small black n tan wooffets! Who could they be..?


Jemmy then muttered something about .."Not on my Manor!"& sighed ...then something about the importance of loyalty...and said it was....'disappointing'....

(Double Gulp)

She picked up her violin case and hopped off which is always a sign dearest readers that she's not too chipper about goings on.

Well I forgot all about it and was hopping home this evening when it started to rain. I spotted a small tent on the canal bank so scampered in to find Paddy the Woofet who normally runs the Woofet Ferry Boat.

 We are friends and often share Irish Sausages. He had some very very bad news, whilst the woofets were up the pub having a Guinness & pork pie for lunch the Woofet Ferry Boat had mysteriously SUNK!! There were just a few gerainiums & tennis balls floating on the canal where it had been and all the Irish Sausages had gone down with the boat! It was a dissaster...

When the rain stopped I shot off to let Jemmy know that the ferry had sunk but I bumped into the Chief of Police. He wasn't too happy either as he was very busy dealing with a Bunny Massacre and the mysterious sinking of the Woofet Ferry.

We found Jemmy and I told her about Paddy the Woofet and the boat sinking and the loss of all those Irish Sausages. She didn't look too bothered to be honest dear readers...The Chief of Police asked Jemmy if she had heard anything...

Jemmy put her paws on her hips and said there had been a terrible up-rising of Sabre Toothed Wood Worm this year...and that would be why the wooden boat had sunk so fast. Nasty ol' Wood Worm ..what a shame..

Tomorrow will be better I'm sure!

Watch out for wood worm dear readers and be loyal to your pals...Night Night

Monday, 6 June 2011

Llama Drama

Dearest Friends,

Ooo I just got in and am cream-crackered ! Its been one of those days dear readers...park up for a bit and I will tell you all about it...

A little while ago there was a mighty ka-fluffle up the Safari Park as this delinquent choccy-brown Llama called Aleron in Childrens Corner had kicked off big time! He spat at all the toddlers in push chairs & charged up & down hurling abuse and burping and ...well...not the sort you'd take out for cocktails if you get my drift!

Well it all happened the other day as Aleron the Llama cleared his fence enclosure and leapt into the goat pen and was teaching the goat kids all the wrong lyrics to camp-fire songs when suddenly he got darted!

Yep thats right they shot him in his woolley behind with a big orange dart to knock him out and he got carted off to The Home for the Bewildered!

Jemmy the Mafia Godmother heard that Aleron the Llama was gonna be done in as he's too nuts and a danger to Jemmy rescued him as she got a job he can do for us.

We manage a Christmas Tree Plantation at the back of Tatty Mudflingers Barn and folks kept nicking our trees so Jemmy has employed Aleron to be a Christmas Tree Minder!

The trees are doing real good now but I have to go visit Aleron with Atticus every week as we are trying to be his friends. It's very difficult as he does seem to be quite a few kibble bics short of a packet and spits n charges about! It could be alarming to most but Atticus is winning, I'm happy to say. Atti is teaching Aleron Anger Management and Karma for Llamas. We do meditation together and ..well...its early days dear readers but we shall see.

Anyway, watch your whiskers out there and good night..

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Straight from the Horses Mouth

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all very well. Gizzy has gone off on a road trip with Jon Bon Bunny so I've been looking after her garage this week.

My boss Jemmy Jim-Jams the Mafia Godmother went to The Derby yesterday wearing her top hat. She was a bit of a nightmare to Bookies everywhere as she had got some inside information straight from the horses mouth on conditions and winners.....

She came home with a violin case full of crinkly cabbage....(Rabbit Mafia Lingo for money!)

She was in such a good mood she sent word to 'The Prince of India' Restaurant where our very good friend Persia works as a chef and she made us all a big Jalfrezi Curry and poppadoms to celebrate Jems good fortune at the races.

There has also been a BRILLIANT BUMPER CROP of strawberries this year up at Jem & Tatty Mudflingers 'secret' poly tunnel. We have been busy picking them and there have been so many we are going to make Strawberry Liquor Sauce too for snazzy ice-cream toppings.

I have to taste the strawberries naturally to check they are top quality.... be honest dear blog readers, I may have slightly over done the munching what with the Jalfrezi and strawberry testing so I'm off to retire to my nesting materials...

Take good care of yourselves and your pals and THANK YOU for reading my little blog..