Friday, 17 June 2011


Good Day to Friends of Idgie the Cat !

My name is Charlie the Charmer and I have been asked by Idgie to continue the transmission to the World of the Idgie the Cat Blog.

I cannot work the smurfing web and all these buttons, but Able Assistant Angus is here to lend a paw, waggle the aerial and tinker with all things technological.

Idgie is very sorry not to be here herself but is dedicated to the care of Jemmy Jim Jams after she was mysteriously concussed by a low flying cauliflower last week.

Jemmy has regained consciousness but believes she has awoken to the light as some kind of Guru.

She's been doing Tai-Chi with The Kit-Kat Gang, drinking Jasmine Tea and watching Bruce Lee.

Idgie hopes to resume her normal blog service soon but insists you all watch your whiskers out there as you never know if a low flying cauliflower will knock your lights out!

Very Best Wishes to You All! Toodlepip

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