Sunday, 19 June 2011

Family Gathering

Dearest blog readers , I do hope you are all very well on this day.

(This is written for know who you are....)

Gizzy shot out of the garage into the rain as she spotted Atticus with his umbrella up with lightning coming down which is never a good idea! "Come into the garage Atticus", she said and just then through the storm clouds flew vultures! Big dark flappy vultures with pointy beaks n boggley eyes n long knobberly claws.  They were circling and Gizzy didn't like the look of it one bit.

They ran into Gizzy Whizzies Garage to get right out of the way. What on earth are they doing round here wondered Gizzy. Atticus sat down and explained it was in fact a Family Gathering...and the Vultures were in fact relations of Jemmy & me...

See...Ye Olde Coat of Arms....
Well dear blog readers, you sometimes cannot help where you come from or the past BUT luckily you can choose your friends!!

All the best in battle and watch your whiskers out there.

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