Sunday, 27 April 2014


Good Afternoon dearest friends, I do hope you are very well and keeping dry in all these April showers.

A little while ago Jemmy Jim Jams my boss had quite a turn when she discovered the cost of tickets to the opera in London. She had to lay down in fact so you can tell it was extortionate! She said, 'This opera malarkey is a right ol' racket, I can't fathom why I never thought of it before!'.

Well dear readers, it all kicked off then as the ol' rabbit boss was on the blower sorting out costumes including a bargain batch of sandals!

The first we all knew of our part in Jem's money spinning plans was when the piglet possy were seen putting up posters for Aida!

I did get a bad feeling in my whiskers there and then!

Before we all knew it we were having to learn all the words of Verdi 's Aida which were all in Italian.

None of us could speak the lingo let alone sing it but we were too scared to tell ol' Jem so we made it all up! Jemmy can only speak Cockney so we knew we would get away with it.

'Laaaaa Laaaaaa la la Laaaaaaaaa'

Little Angus the marmalade kitten was a bit upset at first as he hadn't got a stage part in the grand production but his Godmother Jemmy put him in charge of scenery and gave him a knock off  tin of yellow paint and instructed him to make an Egyptian pyramid for our stage back drop.

Little Angus Muckflinger takes after his father and managed to get paint everywhere but he was very happy indeed. He sloshed a lot of yellow paint onto a giant triangular piece of chipboard that Jemmy found and the piglet possy nailed it to a tree to stop it blowing away in the wind and knocking us all out.

Gizzy Whizzy got all into the emotion and drama needed for the part of Aida. Boo Boo Massou volunteered the bongo drumming bunnies to do all the music accompaniment and stage movement as long as she could play the High Priestess. Atticus was told he was the King of Egypt and at first Jem said he shouldn't wear his glasses for authenticity but when he didn't turn up for the first dress rehearsal and mistakenly caught the bus to Bogna... Jem let him keep his specs on. Tatty who has got quite a nice singing voice played the head of the guard. My costume had to be let out a bit by Lavinia at the emergency last minute due to my nervy intake of raspberry doughnuts but we did look very good in the end!

Jem sold LOTs of tickets!

Nobody noticed the trail of yellow kitten footprints leading from the chip board pyramid as our singing wowed the audience so much.

The audience didn't know what we were on about though so Jemmy sent the Morrello Cherry Brothers out with signs instructing all the little animals in the audience to clap and cheer!

During the interval, Deirdre the Goat managed to shift all the tubs of her new Morrello Cherry Liqueur goat milk ice-cream and Jemmy took a percentage of the takings. The ol' rabbits taking tin from ticket sales was full and everyone had a super time. 

I love to give you happy endings dear friends but as I always say..

Watch your whiskers out there - however, I have heard some unnerving news that Jemmy is in talks to transfer to the West End...