Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fancy Dress

Good evening dearest friends, I hope you are all well, isn't it getting real spring like what with all the little snowdrops and crocus popping out?

I was just having a cuppa tea and a jammy dodger biscuit this morning whilst opening my post. I was so surprised as Jemmy had sent me ' instruction' to go to a Fancy Dress Party. I do know Jemmy had been a little bit low recently as Katya Hopenorf had hopped n offed again onto a top secret mission but its not like the ol mafia bunny to go all droopy whiskered and mizog for long. What a great idea to throw a party! 

I had a thought about who I'd like to go to the Fancy Dress Party as... so I shot out and acquired some kit. Whilst out I met the Kit Kat Gang who were all acting shifty n shuffley hiding their costumes! Atticus appeared to have a Tartan Laundry Bag stuffed with cotton wool but I couldn't see what Gizzy and Tatty had got hidden behind their backs.

Just then across the street we saw Jemmy scampering along and she gave us a little wave ...she appeared to be scuttling off with one of Sherbert the Race Horses Water buckets so goodness knows what the ol rabbit was up to!?

I'm quite excited about the party so I will blog soon and tell you all about it.

Sleep well in your nesting materials and Night Night .

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day dearest friends, I hope you all had fun making your pancakes today, I got flour in my fur and I tried doing double flips... I'm not sure when the mixture will fall from the light fitting that its presently stuck to but that's half the fun isn't it ?!

When little Gizzy Whizzie got home from her job up the garage I surprised her with LOTS of pancakes for tea!

I may have flipped a few too many, Gizzy had lemon and sugar ones and I had Maple Syrup on mine... yum yum!

Ta Ta for now - watch your whiskers out there.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Rumble n' Tumble

Good evening dearest blog readers ...

Gizzy Whizzie woke me up early this morning all excited as she fancied climbing up to the snowy clumps  Woodland Hill with her sledge. She was so bouncy and twinkerly peepered I put on my woolley hat and fluffy Ugg boots. We climbed up the hill and the scenery looked so beautiful.....its at times like this dear friends...that you need to watch your whiskers!
Little did I realise that we were about to be set upon by Mafia Assassins...(can you see them!?) hiding in the conifer trees sent from Don Sharky the Toof! (He's a Big Bad Bunny Enemy of Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother - my boss). We had sunk Don Sharky the Toof and his deadly side-kick Arzula the Bamboozler in mint choc-chip ice-cream after a hostage situation last year and he is now in Nutsville Jail ...naturally he holds a grudge...and unfortunatly he has friends on the outside!

Suddenly, my whiskers went twangy and Gizzy and I were leapt upon! There was a mighty scuffle and I could see that Gizzy had been thrown upside down into a snow drift, her little legs wriggled back and fourth and oooooo dear, oh dear that got up my nose didnt it!!

I leapt up all claws n fangs to find three deadly rabbit assassins in black jerseys, one had a big rifle and was pointing it straight at your own dear Idgie the Cat! (Gulp) Three against one aint really the best odds!

I must say I thought I'd had my final bacon butty, when suddenly Jemmy Jim Jams launched from no-where into the air and grabbed the bunny bandit with the gun by the neck! There was a mighty battle in the snow and I managed to pull my bobble hat over one of the baddies heads and swirled him round by his back paws. Katya had rescued Gizzy from the snow drift and they turned the last of the assassins into a giant snowball.

Jemmy was a bit grumpy as all this ka-fluffle had caused her to miss her maple syrup and pancakes for breakfast...(gulp).

Katya and Gizzy quickly went to the Bunny Bunker to whisk up some pancake mixture to cheer the boss up. Jemmy said she wouldnt be long and would be back in time for the first pancake. I was instructed to tie the assassins to the sledge and Jemmy booted them down the hill at speed. Jemmy crossed her paws and peered after them as they all slid into the doorway of the Poacher Pot Pub. I shivered as everyone knows the Pub Menu Special of the week is Game Pie!

Ooo well, Jemmy and I then scarpered off back to the bunker in time for Pancake & Maple Syrup Brunch. As I always say...Watch your whiskers out there!

Taa Taa.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

From Russia with Love

Dearest Blog readers, thank you for tuning into the whisker waves and I hope your paws n fluff are warm on this snowy slushy day.

I slept in this morning as there was secret goings on last night that kept your ol tabby blogger up late, ....Shhhhhh ...but seeing as its you why not snuggle up with a cuppa tea and I will tell you all about it.

Well, it all started when I over heard 'er what feeds me saying she was cooking up a Ratty-Twoey...I got all excited as I thought we waz having two grilled rats for tea, can't beat that but it soon became apparent that my ol lug oles had deceived me as it was some Rustic French Tomato thing, not a rat in sight. I was a bit cheesed off but then Gizzy and Atticus appeared at the window beckoning me out into the snowy night. Atticus was wearing everything he owned including some big pink fluffy ear muffs he'd borrowed from Lavinia. Gizzy whispered all hush hush that Jemmy needed us all up at Tatty Mudflingers Potato field with flaming torches as someone very special was arriving from a secret mission.

We got up to the The Barn to find Tatty lighting up lanterns in the field....

Jemmy thrust a couple of ping pong bats at me and said I had to help guide in a plane!

Now guiding in a plane sounds alarming to most cats but working for Jemmy the Mafia boss I was prepared for anything, in fact I'd guided a chinnock and Gizzy whizzies pink bubble helicopter into land before, so I dashed off with my bats to the top of the field.

It was snowing like crazy which was not a safe time to land and the potato field was all icy n bumpy. I could see a tiny plane with its landing lights and could hear the engine.

Tatty, Gizzy and Atticus waved their torches to light the way and the ol rabbit scuttled on over to my side. Everyone else was wrapped up in woolley mits n hats but the Godmother of all Bunnies is a tough ol rabbit and was looking mysteriously dapper in a bow tie, clutching red roses and a flask of hot carrot n vodka soup (old bunny recipe).

The little plane touched down n bounced once, with great care I waved my ping pong bats and all was well!

The plane door opened and Jemmy swooned, I managed to stand her up right as the greatest spy, ice skater and first class jewel thief of all Rabbit History sprung down off the wing. Katya Hoppenoff smiled waving her little white paws and ran through the snowflakes wearing her flying goggles and jacket.

Jemmy shoved a wad of crinkly cabbage into my paw and told me to take the kit kat gang out for triple hot chocolates and thanked us all very much for helping Katya land safely.

It was clear we should scamper off and Jemmy and Katya hopped into the warmth of the Bunker for carrot n vodka soup.

Night Night n sleep well. Taa Taa.