Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fancy Dress

Good evening dearest friends, I hope you are all well, isn't it getting real spring like what with all the little snowdrops and crocus popping out?

I was just having a cuppa tea and a jammy dodger biscuit this morning whilst opening my post. I was so surprised as Jemmy had sent me ' instruction' to go to a Fancy Dress Party. I do know Jemmy had been a little bit low recently as Katya Hopenorf had hopped n offed again onto a top secret mission but its not like the ol mafia bunny to go all droopy whiskered and mizog for long. What a great idea to throw a party! 

I had a thought about who I'd like to go to the Fancy Dress Party as... so I shot out and acquired some kit. Whilst out I met the Kit Kat Gang who were all acting shifty n shuffley hiding their costumes! Atticus appeared to have a Tartan Laundry Bag stuffed with cotton wool but I couldn't see what Gizzy and Tatty had got hidden behind their backs.

Just then across the street we saw Jemmy scampering along and she gave us a little wave ...she appeared to be scuttling off with one of Sherbert the Race Horses Water buckets so goodness knows what the ol rabbit was up to!?

I'm quite excited about the party so I will blog soon and tell you all about it.

Sleep well in your nesting materials and Night Night .

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