Thursday, 25 April 2013

Serious Cycle Safety

Good Morning dearest friends, thank you very much for reading my little blog. I do hope you are all very well on this sunny day.

Now as you know, Jemmy Jim Jams packed in her job working as Mafia Godmother but after years of being in charge of The Business she couldn't let go completely. She hopped off up the hill to visit Tatty Mudflingers  Barn to see how the Potato Schnappsie fuel supply was holding up.

As she was flapping along in her bell-bottom trouseys and bright yellow flip flops she found some of those techno music gadgets in the grass. She knew it belonged to The Piglet Possy but before returning it she had a little listen through the headphones. It was that Piglet Rap Rubbish that gets on my whiskers but Jemmy likes it!

It was then she spotted an old green bike that had been flung in the hedge. It was a bit cream-crackered thought Jemmy but she hadn't been on a bike since she was a little bunnykins so she leapt on it and shot off all wobbly and clankin' at speed.

Ohhh dearie me......

She was rumbling along pretty rapido when Whoaaa- an ice cream van came dingley dongley jingly jangly round the corner and Jemmy didn't hear it coz she was listening to the Rap Music. She screeched on the brakes and her yellow flip flop caught in the spokes and her fluffy bunny bum flew over her flappy black ear'oles.

That's where I come in....LOOKING ALL SERIOUS!

Since I'm no longer a Mafia Bodyguard Ive gone back to Nursing. Ive been looking after Jemmy who has got some bruises and a big patch on her bum! She knows she was a foolish ol' rabbit so she has asked from her bed for Gizzy Whizzie to tell you all the following....

If you acquire an old bike DON'T GET ON IT without buying a CRASH HELMET!
Also make sure the seat, handlebars and wheels are all set right for your height and everything is tight and the chains nice n oiled!

BE SEEN, where something BRIGHT and don't forget you need LIGHTS.

FLIP FLOPS are no good so wear your boots and don't listen to music when your hairin' along!

Keep your paws on the handlebars but don't forget to do hand signals coz folks ain't psychic about which way you are swerving!

There endeth the lesson. HAPPY CYCLING !!!! Ta Taaa

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bubble Bother

(I cant speak, Ive borrowed Gizzy Whiziz snorkle...slight bother with the bubbles)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Gizzy's Garage

Hello dearest friends, I do hope you are all happy and well.
A battered ol' VW Beetle car was dropped off at Gizzy Whizzie's Garage the other day for repair. Although little Giz is a great merchanic and optimistic...we had to agree with her this ol' banger was too far gawn.