Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fishy Supper

Good evening dear friends ...

Er went on a little holiday down to the south coast sea fishing and said she would be bringing fish back for my tea.

I prayed and sang a little song whilst she was away..

Oooo pleeeaze..fishy fishy for little Idgie,
Fishy Fishy promised for my tea...
Fish in my little dishy
Ohhh fish fish fishy for Meeeeee!

Well...'er had a lovely holiday BUT only came back with ONE tiddley mackerel, you can imagine I was a bit knocked back and my whiskers droopy in the knowledge of no fishy for supper!

Luckily Mother of 'er what feeds me ( my Granny ;-) ) came up trumps with a big bag of mixed fish so 'er had enough to make a big fish pie and I had a bowl of fishy broth.

It was LOVELY so thank you very much Granny!

I was so overcome by fishy loveliness I had to pass out on my woolly blanket.

Night Night Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, 16 September 2011

Batsford Arboretum - The Hermits Cave

Good Evening dearest blog readers, thank you all very much for stopping by to read my tabby ramblings.

The weather forcast was meant to be all wet n 'orrible today but 'er what feeds me never takes any notice and went out anyway with us and what a lovely sunny day we have all had in the Cotswolds.

We all went to The Nations Favourite Arboretum as ' er LOVES trees and we all enjoy exploring. Jemmy Jim Jams read the Guide Map and we saw Giant Redwoods, we met Buddha, hopped over a waterfall and sat in a Japanese Rest House.

One of the BEST bits was visiting the Hermits Cave...

Go take a look at Batsford Arboretum, it gets the paws up from us lot! Oooo AND the most exciting part for me was going to the restaurant as it did the BEST tea and sticky meringue, lardy cake, strawberry tart and carrot cake! We will be going back as there are even more choices of cakes to try!

Bless you all and watch your whiskers out there.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

What's cooking?!

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I'm very excited tonight as there is something cooking and I've been doing somersaults and cartwheels to get 'er what feeds me to notice me!

Er is on holiday today and she can't afford to go jetting off to these hot places, so she said the heat would come to us in the form of a new cooker! She has been struggling to cook on just one ring for a YEAR so you can imagine 'er has been skipping and hopping about at the thought of cooking up a nice dinner. She was actually sat cross legged in the kitchen worshipping the new cooker in all its non greasy sparkly clean splendor!

Er is very imaginative and a bit of a dreamer, one day she will work as a cartoonist she reckons! Well, maybe..what ever she dreams about is OK with me as long as I get fed -I'm dreaming about the chicken cooking!

Cheerie-pip and Good Night

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Many paws make light work..

Good Evening dearest blog readers, its been a lovely sunny day and we have all been very industrious in the garden.

'Er what feeds me called all the troops together this morning as today was for fence painting. The tall folks did the top of the fence and the small woolies painted the fence at whisker level. Everyone was given a brush and we shared the paint cans. It was quite sticky n flicky. Everyone got splashed n splattered, ' er got dots on her specs and Gizzy got a splot in her ear 'ole!

Everybody had to have a shower afterwards to get rid of all the paint splats and we all had mugs of tea.

Bless you all and Good Night.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jemmy goes swimming

Good Evening dear blog readers, I do hope you are all tickerty-boo.

'Er what feeds me is most happy when wearing shorts n wellie boots, she's been busy chopping hedges. As soon as the shears and loppers came out I hopped it quick! As I've always said you need to watch your whiskers out there during these cut backs.

It is getting quite autumnal out now and nippy in the mornings on the paws. It was really blustery yesterday, the leaves are turning and the branches were swinging about, if it wasn't for my big breakfast, I dare say I'd have blown away...

When the blustery weather eased Gizzy and I went down to the lake in our little orange dingy to keep an eye on our boss Jemmy Jim Jams who has been swimming in the cold water to keep up her tough image and to practice for the Olympics.

She does the front paw paddle and bunny back kick very well, she always swims puffing on those stinky cigars though, which is not really the image of health!

Take care out there in this unsettled weather, keep your chin up.

Ta Ta

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Fun Fair

Good Evening dearest blog readers, its been such a fun day - put your paws up and I'll tell you all about it.

The Fair came to town and Gizzy loves to go on all the whizzy rides, I went on the Bumper Cars with her.

I also went on the Helta Skelta too which was lots of fun.

All this action made us feel hungry, so I got a huge pink candy floss and a big sticky toffee apple. Gizzy got a whirly lolly-pop and won a purple balloon.

Through the crowds, I suddenly spotted little Angus the marmalade kitten and he looked a bit sad. He told Gizzy and I that all the little animals had been trying to win the teddy on the Shoot the Plastic Duck game. The two snakes running the stall had lots of the little ones pocket money off them and nobody had even won a single sweetie or toy. Just then Angus spotted his dear ol' Godmother and waved at her.

Angus' Godmother is my boss Jemmy Jim Jams, the Mafia Rabbit. She had heard about the dodgy snakes and had a twinkle in her big brown bunny peepers. She patted Angus on the head and said, "Come on Sunny Boy...Lets go play Shoot the Plastic Duck".

Angus skipped after Jemmy who had a double barrel shot gun tucked under her arm.. Gizzy and I exchanged nervy looks....

There was a BANG!

Well Jemmy shot the plastic duck and blew a big hole in the stall . The snakes quickly agreed that Jemmy had won all the toys and sweets! Isn't that marvelous! Jemmy gave Angus his big teddy and took the rest of the sweets and toys to the small animal hospital to cheer everyone up.

Ahhhr, I do love happy endings!

Bless you all and good night.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Born Free! free as the wind blows..

Good Evening dear friends, I do hope you are all tickerty boo.

Now I don't know if you remember the explosion that occurred at Deirdre the Goats Pen during the big card game, Jemmy Jim Jams stinky cigar ignited the Snappsie winter fuel and it blew up Deirdre's home. Luckily we all survived the blast by scrambling fast under an old tin bath...anyway, since all that
to-do Dierdre the Goat has been living in Tatty Mudflingers barn. Jemmy was so awful sorry for blowing up Dierdre's house she did a bit of wheelie dealing with a ferrety estate agent up the pub and found Deirdre a brand new goat pen!

Its called Windy Ridge.I pottered on up there today to have a look and was singing away to myself the Born Free song. Er what feeds me plays it too loud in the car and the song gets stuck in my tabby brain!

Windy Ridge has a big green gate and solar panel heating. No more deadly schnappsie fuel! Deirdre is very happy there and invited me to share some beans (gulp!). Its not like me to turn down an offer of food but I said I must be on my way...

We are all planning a goat pen warming and card game soon but stinky cigars are banned!

Ta Ta for now and take care of your pals.