Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fishy Supper

Good evening dear friends ...

Er went on a little holiday down to the south coast sea fishing and said she would be bringing fish back for my tea.

I prayed and sang a little song whilst she was away..

Oooo pleeeaze..fishy fishy for little Idgie,
Fishy Fishy promised for my tea...
Fish in my little dishy
Ohhh fish fish fishy for Meeeeee!

Well...'er had a lovely holiday BUT only came back with ONE tiddley mackerel, you can imagine I was a bit knocked back and my whiskers droopy in the knowledge of no fishy for supper!

Luckily Mother of 'er what feeds me ( my Granny ;-) ) came up trumps with a big bag of mixed fish so 'er had enough to make a big fish pie and I had a bowl of fishy broth.

It was LOVELY so thank you very much Granny!

I was so overcome by fishy loveliness I had to pass out on my woolly blanket.

Night Night Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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