Thursday, 15 September 2011

What's cooking?!

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I'm very excited tonight as there is something cooking and I've been doing somersaults and cartwheels to get 'er what feeds me to notice me!

Er is on holiday today and she can't afford to go jetting off to these hot places, so she said the heat would come to us in the form of a new cooker! She has been struggling to cook on just one ring for a YEAR so you can imagine 'er has been skipping and hopping about at the thought of cooking up a nice dinner. She was actually sat cross legged in the kitchen worshipping the new cooker in all its non greasy sparkly clean splendor!

Er is very imaginative and a bit of a dreamer, one day she will work as a cartoonist she reckons! Well, maybe..what ever she dreams about is OK with me as long as I get fed -I'm dreaming about the chicken cooking!

Cheerie-pip and Good Night

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  1. Oh Idg! Such wonderful illustrations of the fab new cooker that will produce tasty meals for her (and you!) And what beautiful drawings she has made for you!