Thursday, 1 September 2011

Born Free! free as the wind blows..

Good Evening dear friends, I do hope you are all tickerty boo.

Now I don't know if you remember the explosion that occurred at Deirdre the Goats Pen during the big card game, Jemmy Jim Jams stinky cigar ignited the Snappsie winter fuel and it blew up Deirdre's home. Luckily we all survived the blast by scrambling fast under an old tin bath...anyway, since all that
to-do Dierdre the Goat has been living in Tatty Mudflingers barn. Jemmy was so awful sorry for blowing up Dierdre's house she did a bit of wheelie dealing with a ferrety estate agent up the pub and found Deirdre a brand new goat pen!

Its called Windy Ridge.I pottered on up there today to have a look and was singing away to myself the Born Free song. Er what feeds me plays it too loud in the car and the song gets stuck in my tabby brain!

Windy Ridge has a big green gate and solar panel heating. No more deadly schnappsie fuel! Deirdre is very happy there and invited me to share some beans (gulp!). Its not like me to turn down an offer of food but I said I must be on my way...

We are all planning a goat pen warming and card game soon but stinky cigars are banned!

Ta Ta for now and take care of your pals.

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