Monday, 10 March 2014

Topiary Trouble

Good Afternoon dearest friends of Idgie the Cat.

I do hope you are all very well. Make yourselves a cup of tea and catch up with the latest news.

At last there is some dry sunny weather and Gizzy and I thought we would try to earn a little bit of kitty cash doing some hedge trimming. We went to this big posh house where the hedge was really wild and out of control. The gravel drive was full of weeds. I negotiated a good price to tidy it all up with the owner who had a flashy sports car and a scary dog.

Any ordinary cats  with just a broom and clippers wouldn't have taken on such a massive hedge job but as you know working for Jemmy Jim Jams all these years we have learnt not to fear working on big things.

Well dear friends as I always say you want to watch your whiskers out there!

Gizzy and I worked very hard at trimming and tidying up but when we went to collect the money the bloke told us to scram!
He said we hadn't got a thing in writing and we should clear off or he would set Rivet the Doberman on us!

Well...Gizzy and I legged it to the gate and were about to wriggle through the bars when the doberman burst into tears. She said she was so sorry and what a lovely neat job we had done.

She told us her real name was Milly and she couldn't stand being a security dog and wearing a spiky collar. All Milly ever wanted to be was a Nanny! Gizzy and I reassured her that Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother would be back for revenge and to rescue her.

Gizzy and I ran to Jems Bunker and we told the ol' rabbit boss that we had been properly done over.

Jemmy made a few phone calls and sent Atticus out to cause mayhem with the wiring of the electronic sliding security gate.

Atti clipped a few wires and tied a few knots....the next morning the flashy sports car wasn't flashy anymore!
It was then that Jemmy announced out of the blue her secret burning desire to take up topiary.
She had acquired a few topiary guide books and looked at the pictures and felt it was time to give it a whirl. Lighting up one of her stinking cigars she bounced off to the newly trimmed hedge and did some interesting sculpture work with a modern twist.

Mysteriously at that time Milly the Doberman went missing...

I understand from Jemmy that she is doing very well at the Daisy Petal Kitten Creche...

I hope you enjoyed catching up with my news and do take care of yourselves.

Ta Taa!