Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sherbert's Schnappsi

Happy Halloween dearest friends, I do hope you are all very well and enjoying your evening.

I am a little bit fluffed out tonight as it was all scary drama up at Tatty Mudflinger's Barn. There's all these witchy ghost stories going on tonight but I tell you dearest blog readers this true story will put your whiskers all a twangy!

Tatty had carved some pumpkin lanterns and invited us to the unveiling of the new Halloween batch of Tatty Schnappsi.  During the syphoning off process there was a small leak so Tatty collected the spill in a metal bucket which he placed by the barn door.

Everyone had arrived at the barn and Sherbert the Racehorse inquisitively trotted in from the field. He was a bit thirsty so he casually and unwittingly had a little sipsey from the schnappsi bucket !

Suddenly Sherbert started to glow radio active green and a huge blasting energy surge radiated out from his body sending everyone off balance with paws in the air. Terrifyingly we could see his skeleton! Horror oh horror!!

The radioactive green glow dissipated as fast as it had arrived and I scrambled up to find poor Sherbert on his back with his legs galloping along and his hair all on end.

Everyone ran to his aid and talk about LUCKY....thank our lucky stars as Boo Boo Massou the Mystical Healer and Leader of the Moon Worshipping Bunnies had some Rescue Remedy. Sherbert managed to have a glug and it turned his tongue green!

As if by magic his legs stopped galloping and I'm relieved to report he was soon feeling completely better.

Clearly the Schnappsie was more lethal than the first batch!

Do have a safe and happy Halloween, but I think after all this drama, I'm going to scamper off to my nest. Good night.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Trick or Treat

Good evening dearest friends, I do hope you are all safe and warm in your fluffy warm nests. Batten down the hatches tonight as there is going to be a lot of wind and its got nothing to do with Deirdre the Goat this time!

I'm afraid to say some real ruffians turned up on our patch. They played some nasty trick or treat pranks and lobbed eggs and set off bangers. What they didn't know was Sebby Coo Coo the mafia racing pigeon spotted um with his little beadie birdie eyeballs and flapped pronto to Jemmy Jim Jams.

Poor old Atticus was very frightened of them knocking at his door. At first, the dear ol moggy thought they just wanted candy chews and lollies but they demanded cider and schnapsie, so Atti shut the door quick. It shook the elderly ol mog up, he got the jitters and nearly spilt his bedtime coco.
As soon as Jemmy knew what was going on she was furious (gulp) - these thugs had to be taught a lesson she said so her philosophy is to fight fire with fire...or call in the Kit Kat Gang and our own rent-a-mob..the Piglet Possy!

Soon Atti felt much better surrounded by his friends and Jemmy revealed her Revenge Plot!

Gizzy Whizzy got a bucket of sticky oil from her garage and I skipperty skipped up to the farm and gathered a sack full of turkey and chicken feathers.

When Lavinia found out that poor Atticus had been terrorised she gladly sent Tatty off with some old dust sheets.

The next evening the thugs turned up at Atticus' door demanding money and shouting and banging...

Gizzy leapt out the bushes and flung the sticky oil over them and I showered them in feathers! Suddenly Atticus' door was flung open by Jemmy Jims Jams and a stampede of wailing ghosts all piled out and put the fear of piglet hell into them!

As they fled Sebby Coo Coo dive bombed them and pigeon pooped on their heads!

Well...serves the rotters right! They ran, ran, ran!! Ha Haaaaaa.

 Atticus and all the little animals came outside and everyone had candy sweets and lollies.

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta Ta for now.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Crazy Cake Mix

Good Morning dearest friends,

I do hope you are all very well and keeping your paws warm, its gone mighty nippy so you want to scamper along pretty quick.

Settle with a cuppa tea for a little while and I'll tell you what happened up at Tatty Mudflingers Farm.

Lavinia Mudflinger helps to run the Rural Thrift Club and one of the ladies in the club gave a jug of cake mix to try out on Tatty and the marmalade kittens.

Lavinia put the mix in the fridge over night but in the morning it was found to be frothing and gurgling. It seemed to be growing so Lavinia split the mixture into a bowl. Well dear friends this mixture seemed to keep bubbling up and growing and growing and Lavinia was running out of containers.

Tatty put some mix in a bucket and took it out to the barn where it continued to grow!
Lavinia made some rock cakes with the mixture and they turned out to be so rock hard Tatty invited the kittens Godmother - Jemmy Jim-Jams over for a game of cricket...
Here is Tatty Mudflinger about to throw a rock cake over his hat to Jemmy.

Jemmy whacked the rock cake really hard and it was so hard the vibration of the impact to the  bat travelled up to her gnashers and her whiskers went twangy!

Caw bloomin' eck thought Jemmy, these rock cakes are dangerous!
Jemmy got on the blower to the Ministry of Defence as she thought the RAF might fancy firing them as a test weapon but the receptionist said they wouldn't do business with bunnies.
Well dear friends that was a bit of a knock to the ol rabbit but never to be disheartened for long!

Jem rang lots of folk and eventually she talked to a Garden Gnome specialist in Germany. He said due to the very cold winters the Gnomes cracked easily and he was extremely keen to purchase Jems 'Indestructible Winter Gnome Mix'....
Ha Haaa!!
Well dear blog readers, you have to hand it to the ol' rabbit boss - improvising and determination is key in business!
Never give up and watch your whiskers out there.
Ta Taaaa