Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Trouble with Tullulah

Good Evening dearest blog followers! Your Idgie Cat is back and what a great big ka-fluffle its been since we last communicated!

Go make yourself a nice cuppa tea and stick your paws in the air and I will tell you all about it.

'Er what feeds me has got a funeral to attend next week so its been up to me to take care of my boss Jemmy Jim Jams who was concussed last week by a low flying cauliflower! The things that happen round here, it sounds like a farce doesn't it!? It is very important to Tatty and I that Jemmy gets back to normal as we have got to shift all the strawberries and do business deals for the strawberry supply at Wimbledon next week.

I also wanted to find out WHY the ol' tough-nut bunny boss got knocked out by a cauliflower.

Atticus supplied the answer...he was giving Astronomy Lessons to the Piglet Possy, Fearless Rat and Angus the Kitten last week and asked them to each bring certain fruit and vegetables to represent the solar system...

Petunia the Piglets long suffering Mum put the fruit and veg in the order of the planets and all was going splendidly until...Tullulah Piglet got bored! She started chewing gum and giving it all the Tut Tut and Omigawd attitude. She grabbed the planet Jupiter (the cauliflower) and lobbed it squealing with hysterics shouting "Look - Look its a Comet!!!"

What nobody realised was the low flying Jupiter whizzled through a bramble thicket and whacked Jemmy Jim Jams on the bonce!

Atticus is a soft ol' gentle cat and couldn't cope with the likes of Tullulah the Piglet so I  had to sort it out.

She didn't seem to give a monkeys whatsit at first that she had concussed the Mafia Godmother with the Planet Jupiter so she was told to think carefully before lobbing things as there are consequences...

We sent her to The Prince of India Restaurant to do all the washing up for our good friend Persia the Chef. She wasn't laughing then dear blog readers as she was up to her trotters in mucky plates n pans!

The GOOD NEWS is....

...the boss is getting better! I mean shes started chewing on those revolting stinky cigars and has rather taken to Tae Kwon Do so Id say she nearly back to normal just in time for wheelie -dealing with the Wimbledon Strawberry Supplies!

Life is hard that's for sure, watch your whiskers out there dear friends and Ta Ta !

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