Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunny Sunday

Dearest Blog Readers - Hello and thank you for tuning into my electro-waves or whatever you call it..

What a beautiful sunny Sunday its been...

Er what feeds me did a bit of writing by the River Thames today and promptly dozed off. It was a lovely breeze on the riverbank and quiet... Gizzy and Atticus were fast asleep Zzzzz

A little red damselfly flew straight over Gizzy Whizzies nose but she didn't wake up.

Atticus was so tired too as he spent yesterday with the Piglet Possy making a pig shaped kite and they were fighting over who got to paint it and who would fly it, a right ka-fluffle for the old cat. We all passed Petunia and the Piglet Possy this morning as they are all going for a picnic up at The Clumps. Petunia was covering their pink snouts with sun tan cream as they burn quick in the sun. They had the kite with them so I hoped the day would not end up in a tangly knot...or worse!

Jemmy is in her bunker below Tatty Mudflingers barn counting up all the Crinkly Cabbage we made with Strawberry Sales at Wimbledon. I'm mighty glad to be honest dear readers to have cleared the strawberry stash as I'm kind of sick of eating them.


I heard a small boat engine coming up the river and saw Captain Paddy O'Sullivan waving his paw at me from his new boat. His old wooden boat had a mysterious attack of wood-worm and sank but I'm happy to say this new boat is made of fibre-glass. He won it in a poker game with the ferrets up at the Poachers Pot Pub. He called his boat The Emerald K-9...I guess its Emerald because of his Irish roots or maybe its the colour I will turn if I go a board as this new boat is sea worthy.

Tatty took a bath...( ooo what a blessing to us all!)...and dressed up smart to see Angus' Mum who is called Lavinia. He took flowers dear blog readers ...I knew something was going on!!! Well lets hope that goes well for them.

Well we were all just rolling up the blanket and leaving the riverbank with 'er what feeds me when Atticus saw something kind of familiar far up in the sky. We all squinted to see a flying pink pig kite...

Oo dear oh dear and scrawled over it in Purple Paint for all the world to see was the alarming piglet words..... 'Pig Orf'....(sigh) ...those Piglets are such a rabble honestly dear readers, no doubt they are in piglet hysteria up at The Clumps!

Well I must be going now to snaffle my tea, take good care out there, sleep well in your nesting materials and bless you all.

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