Monday, 6 June 2011

Llama Drama

Dearest Friends,

Ooo I just got in and am cream-crackered ! Its been one of those days dear readers...park up for a bit and I will tell you all about it...

A little while ago there was a mighty ka-fluffle up the Safari Park as this delinquent choccy-brown Llama called Aleron in Childrens Corner had kicked off big time! He spat at all the toddlers in push chairs & charged up & down hurling abuse and burping and ...well...not the sort you'd take out for cocktails if you get my drift!

Well it all happened the other day as Aleron the Llama cleared his fence enclosure and leapt into the goat pen and was teaching the goat kids all the wrong lyrics to camp-fire songs when suddenly he got darted!

Yep thats right they shot him in his woolley behind with a big orange dart to knock him out and he got carted off to The Home for the Bewildered!

Jemmy the Mafia Godmother heard that Aleron the Llama was gonna be done in as he's too nuts and a danger to Jemmy rescued him as she got a job he can do for us.

We manage a Christmas Tree Plantation at the back of Tatty Mudflingers Barn and folks kept nicking our trees so Jemmy has employed Aleron to be a Christmas Tree Minder!

The trees are doing real good now but I have to go visit Aleron with Atticus every week as we are trying to be his friends. It's very difficult as he does seem to be quite a few kibble bics short of a packet and spits n charges about! It could be alarming to most but Atticus is winning, I'm happy to say. Atti is teaching Aleron Anger Management and Karma for Llamas. We do meditation together and ..well...its early days dear readers but we shall see.

Anyway, watch your whiskers out there and good night..

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