Sunday, 15 April 2012


Good afternoon dearest blog readers...

After the palaver with the horse box conking out yesterday we managed to get the waggon towed back to Gizzy Whizzies Garage late last night. Gizzy went all over the engine as she is the best mechanic and she turned up something very peculiar. The exhaust pipe had been stuffed with two large winter birdie fatty food balls, a ball of garden twine and a gawn off banana... Sabotage reckons Gizzy! Someone dodgy didn't want Sherbert to race. These are the perils of being in the Mafia Business, you need to watch your whiskers out there!

It's been sunny today but oooh when I scampered out the door the cold whistled round my fluffy behind and my whiskers went twangy so I scuttled off to see Atticus in the warmth of the Observatory.

Atticus always makes a lovely cup of tea and we played scrabble together...

I never win as Atti always comes up with super long words like 'nebulous'! He is such a kind ol' chappy as he let me have words like Grrrr, Jem & Giz as I had some really tough letter tiles.

Jemmy has gone out and got a bird table and has been hanging birdie food up all around, she may be a tough ol Mafia Godmother but she loves wild fings!

Keep in the warm everybody and sleep well in your nesting materials...Taa Taa

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