Monday, 9 April 2012

Good Afternoon from Gizzy Whizzie

Hello - Hello friends of the Idgie the Cat blog! This is Gizzy Whizzie here tuning into the Idgie the Cat Techno Waves on this rainy ol' Easter Monday.

Now don't you get your fur all fluffed up with strife, Idgie is very well but may have slightly over done it at The Clumps yesterday. You see..the Hot Cross Bun Machine got clogged up with fruity currants n candy peel late afternoon, so Idgie crawled up the suction pipe to clear the blockage but due to Idgie having already tested many of the Hot Cross Buns she herself got stuck. There was a big ol bulge in the piping, but with help from Atticus, I crawled along with my spanner and managed to unbolt and unbung it. As lovely as it was to have so many buns this year I for one can safely say I don't wish to see another  Easter Hot Cross Bun until next ....Christmas... as you know that's when they will appear in the shops!

Er what feeds Idgie scooped her up  and the last words Idgie muttered before dozing off was...

Keep me warm...Keep me fed...Let me sleep upon your head....

So there endeth the Easter Bank Holiday . I know Idgie (if she were awake) would wish you all well in your nesting materials and Cheerie-pip 'til next time.

Over n Out.

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