Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hairy Scary!

Good Evening dearest friends, I hope your day went well...mine didn't start well ....take the weight of your paws and I'll tell you all about it.

I was just in the middle of knitting Gizzy Whizzie a nice fluffy pink scarf to wear for when she is doing her flying lessons. She's only little and something woolley would be good to keep her warm...when suddenly the boss appeared.

Now I expect you have experienced this dearest readers but sometimes a boss can be really friendly and you think ...she's alright... and the next thing you know she's in a snotty mood! Well I'm real loyal to the Mafia Godmother but I have to grit my gnashers sometimes!

She launched into some rant about the Kit Kat Gang going soft...we are meant to be tough and show our teeth n claws n all that malarky. I kind of switched off then and I could just see her bouncing up and down and her whiskers all twangy. In my mind I could hear the music from the Magic Roundabout when suddenly I was aware of Jemmy again...she said..."You lot couldn't scare me in a million years...YOU LOT COULDNT EVEN SCARE AN ANT !!"

With that she hopped off thank goodness but it had got up my nose dear readers!

Well I assembled the Kit-Kat Gang for revenge and I told them we were going to give Jemmy a BIG SCARE just to prove a point that we are the BEST Kit-Kat Gang.

I asked Atticus to get an orange and make some big orange fangs out of the peel. Atti has the most alarming fangs anyway but he's so kind and lovely...never judge folk on looks if you can help it!!

Tatty was sent to get a wooden crate and Gizzy was sent to get a flash light and two broom handles.

I nipped into the Rectory and kind of borrowed the Vicars big black rain mac and some gardening gloves....

We then put it all together and waited...and waited...I knew the bookies would be shutting soon so Jem would be hopping along...

Well we gave her a massive fright...oooo yes we did!! Trouble is the ol rabbit keeled over.
I could hear some high pitched laughing and I peered down and saw...

Adam Ant - no not the famous singer! - Adam the Wood Ant was laughing. Jem was right, we didnt even scare an ant but we had scared The Godmother Mafia rabbit good n proper.

I felt a sudden pang of guilt and gently squeezed Jems paw and waited for her to open her big brown bunny peepers.

Never fear dear blog readers the ol rabbit came round and congratulated us on being the most alarming and terrifying Kit-Gang in the World..I think she was quite proud!

Sleep well in your nesting materials & see you soon...

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