Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pond Dipping

Good Evening dearest blog readers, I do hope you have all had a great weekend.

As promised I will tell you what happened when Angus the small marmalade kitten and I met Atticus at the Abbey Pond. Angus told us he had seen an alien with a bright spotty orange belly n warts n boggley eyes!

I must say I was a little bit anxious peering over the edge of the pond as the way Angus was going on the alien sounded scary!
Atticus came with his pond book and whilst Angus and I looked into the water trying to peer through the weeds old Atticus was chuckling away....
SUDDENLY the alien appeared with a load of bubbles - it was sticking out its tongue which was a shock ...and a bit rude!!

It turned out dearest readers it was a very naughty Great Crested Newt and they be really rare so I guess we were kind of lucky to see him. He didn't hang about for a natter.

It got a bit nippy out so we all went home for a cuppa tea.

Good Night to you all and THANK YOU for reading my little blog ...see you soon ....

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